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If you watch something that makes you feel physically sick what do you do to feel better?

Asked by ninahenry (1958points) July 28th, 2010

I just watched this programme (yeah I’m English) on TV that made me feel really ill; Mainly with worry, not just for me but in general, and also because of the topic.

If you see something that made you feel physically sick, like blood or vomit or whatever, what can you do? If I see blood I always feel like I’m going to vomit or pass out.

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Try to think or visualize something very positive to counteract the negative. easier said than done!

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Never have watched anything with that after-affect.

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I know it is sometimes hard to do but I would just steer clear of these images. Go read a book instead.

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It might help if we knew more details of what you watched….

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I immediately engage in some other activity that re-focuses my mind. The bad image may pop back in a few times, but every time it does, it’s less intense until it’s finally gone.

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I don’t want to try shut off the subject from my head as I’m not sure that it would be the best thing to do for mental health. I need to be okay to talk about it so I don’t have an anxiety problem but I’ve always been scared of blood. It’s not that bad though, but the programme was really intense for me.

I’m a worrier and a researcher. These go hand in hand and don’t make a very pleasant combination. I just like taking precautions at almost every opportunity unless I choose to be ignorant.

It would probably help to let you know that the programme was about HIV and this girl who had it at 16 and it was really awful to watch. I got really worried for her and other people like my friend’s teenage brothers. In these situations I also really feel like I need to do something about it. It’s a scary topic but it’s reality; if I’d been watching a fictional horror film I’d shut it out and being ignorant would be the best thing for that but this is different.

And I’m not worried that I have HIV so that’s not a factor or a possibility unless I got it when I dropped my phone down a public toilet and had to rescue it with bare hands.

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I have this issue with the wife. She’ll happily watch any documentary about surgery & serious injuries, which makes me run out the room by the way. Put her in front of a horror movie however where any blood & guts is obviously make believe & it’s all “oh get this sick shit off !!” I dunno, women. What can you do?

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Blood or vomit doesn’t bother me. If it’s quite brutal (someone being physically hurt/killed), I turn it off or turn it to something else. I sometimes will sit there afterward and am quiet. I do my best to get that image out of my mind.

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I’ve drunk some water but it’s a little difficult to calm down mentally. I dunno, I’m probably having a mild anxiety attack.

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In this event would you suggest listening to music or something like @Cruiser said, reading a book immediately and coming back to the subject later? Cause I think that’s what I might do unless someone knows better. I’m open to suggestions.

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I use music all the time to change my mood, if that’s what I’m looking to do. Sometimes it’s something mellow, other times hard ass rock and roll. I also sometimes look at some pictures that bring back pleasant memories, like a soothing view of the mountians or a lake.

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I don’t watch programs that make me feel that way, i don’t want to. As for reading icky things that make me want to gag, i just try to force it out of my mind, and it works i think.

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sorry, I didn’t express myself very well when asking this question- I should have asked ‘how do you confront important issues head on whilst avoiding anxiety and paranoia?’

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I see where you were going now. You can’t avoid it, so focus on the areas where you can make an impact of some sort. Education, support groups, whatever you can to make a positive impact. By doing something positive it helps you deal with the rest of it.

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@Adirondackwannabe thank you for your answer!

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Ewwww, the minute I feel uncomfortable, I turn it off. I had to turn off an episode of Harthorne, RN last week because I started to feel anger and frustration toward one of the characters.

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I just asked what it was about, because if you’re trying to educate yourself in something that happens IRL, part of that education is facing all of the seriously bad parts about it….

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@Dutchess_III yeah, that’s where the worry and mild anxiety creeps in, and sometimes I end up seeming paranoid or I diagnose or define myself. It was about HIV. I don’t usually react this bad to something like that, I guess I was just feeling emotionally sensitive at the time.

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@ninahenry :) Just wait till you have kids! Emotions really intensive when you do. Especially when they’re little.

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@Dutchess_III haha, I’m definitely waiting!!

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Such thoughtful answers above. I simply turn it off or leave.

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I show it to other people. Seeing people have the same reaction as me would make me feel better I think.

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