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What is your newest, most recent addiction/fixation/obsession?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) July 28th, 2010

Mine is wordsearches and Edy’s vanilla sandwich ice cream.

And sort of on the same subject, I’ve been showering incessantly (1–4 times a day) and obsessively de-linting my bed.

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I am into nachos lately and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

TexasDude's avatar, white queso dip, and Guitar Pro version 5.2 music editing software.

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Sudoku puzzles.

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i actually just realized i’m obsessed with fluther

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Limbo for Xbox360, painting my bathroom.

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Old phonograph 78’s

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Using my free Netflix account for everything that it’s worth.

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My new x10 phone and arrow words

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Getting back in shape, I run every day and pretty strict diet for now!

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my mom has been checking her lamp and checking the t.v to make sure their of like no tomorrow. lately even if no ones in the house we shut everything of and come back to find that its on. i find it pretty funny

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Feta cheese. It’s actually a recurring obsession that returns every time I go on a diet kick. I eat a tons of it, including sprinkled in salads and melted into eggs.

I’m also addicted to Fluther.

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oh, and Michael Jackson’s “This is It” film… and more specifically the performance of “They Don’t Care About Us”

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Fluther and pico de gallo with chips. Ate 8 ounces of it last night and will make more today while the cilantro is halfway decent.

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Chronicling my quest to play every NES game released in the US I’ve just started and I really need to get going on the next set of games.

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I’m in a dry spell; looking for the next obsession.

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@lloydbird Do you have the Mezzanine record? I love that one.

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Techno, Dance, House, Electronica etc.

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Reading up on mind control and occult symbology and evidence of both among pop culture icons and politicians.

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At the moment it’s making music or mashups with Ableton, the occasional DJ set with Traktor and a lot of Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life.

So yeah, pretty much spending a lot of time on the computer.

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Chaz Jankel, the keyboardist and co-writer for Ian Dury and the Blockheads, who wrote a number of seriously great early 80s dance tunes in a solo career that kind of went under the radar. Quincy Jones did make a hit of one of them. Now he’s a funk-jazz musician as well as a member of The Blockheads.

I think he was very cute, too, in his day. I’d’ve tapped that if I were of age at the time! Now he looks like an older Daniel Pearl.

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True Blood
Pink Berry

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Doing absolutely nothing. And hating it.

Can’t seem to stop doing nothing.

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Also, the Inception soundtrack. I will be listening to Hans Zimmerman until I die. His music is like the modern classical music.

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I will be able to sprint down the bikepath by the end of this year.It will happen.

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CFA Level I. Started studying yesterday for December’s exam.

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@aprilsimnel I see a tiny bit of Paul Weller and Dhani Harrison in his younger pic.

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@jjmah – Skinny, tall, smart brunet men. Gaaaaah! Luuuufff! I was already grooving to his music and he turned out to look like that. Mpf, mpf, MPF!

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Playing with and talking about my two youngest grandsons.

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Mowing the yard every four days. It would probably slow down a bit if I didn’t fertilize it so much. I’m responsible for creating my own vicious circle.

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Words With Friends

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The show Weeds. I now love it as much as I’ve loved Dexter since it first aired. Also swimming. It’s just too bloody hot to not be in the water.

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developmental disabilities

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It’s not all that new…


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I’m really loving those little Fudge Popsicles.

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Swaptree. I discovered it a few months ago, and am addicted to it. It’s so easy to use, much cheaper than buying new books and video games, and lets me clear out the piles and piles of books I’ve collected over the years to make room for new ones. I can get DS games for my kids, and have even gotten Wii games for nothing more than the cost of shipping whatever item I’m trading for it (usually $2–3).

The downside is, I spend even more time reading each day instead of doing useful things like laundry or mopping floors.

My Fluther addiction isn’t new, having started more than a year ago!

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Scotland. I was there a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love with certain parts. I long to be there right now.

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@FutureMemory No I don’t, but I will be checking it out. One of my daughters bought a best of album which I have been tucking into. Before that, I only knew a couple or so of their tracks. Good stuff indeed.

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Oh man, I forgot gaussian blur.

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My new baby kitty. I can’t get enough of the little fur ball.

Also, painting my nails. I hadn’t bothered to paint my fingernails in years, but lately I’ve been doing it a lot.

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Daniel Day Lewis for approx. 10 years.Lol. Before him it was Rob Thomas.

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Trying to get my little guy to win a photo contest. I’m obsessed!

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^ Cute baby…cute name… got my votexx

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aw, thanks!!

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