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How can i find my old 401k?

Asked by tyger (1points) July 29th, 2010

i have 401k thru like 4 2 5 diffrent jobs and i dont no how to get my information…Iam n a serious cirsis right now and I need my money 4 me and my kids to live and get back on i really need help in locating my 401k please

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You should have been getting statements from the financial institutions holding you 401ks but if you’ve changed address a lot, maybe you haven’t . Contact the Human Resources or Benefits department of your former employers, they should be able to tell you.

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i had the same problem. HR helps. Also once you find it, roll it over into your new one if you can. You might take a loss, but it will be easier to track. What good is money if you can’t find it?

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From your question it sounds like you want your 401 K to cash out and live on. Just remember to not spend all of it, to hold some back because you will be paying taxes on it next year at tax time plus a 10% penalty. The Human Resource department of each job will be a good place to start as the others stated above. Also, did you look to see if you have any old statements from the companies your 401K was invested in?

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