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What most recently tickled your funny bone?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25307points) July 29th, 2010

The neighbor to my right is a teenage boy that has always hung around my house, he really latched on to my husband right after we moved in about 6 years ago.
The neighbor to my left just moved in a few weeks ago, probably in her early 30s, she seems nice.
We live in the city, so we are not allowed to have livestock – but the boy next door got a chicken for his birthday. So he set up a nice space in the yard for the chicken, lots of room for roaming and pecking. I have ALWAYS wanted chickens, so I am thrilled about it.
Yesterday I had an appointment and as I was going to my car I see this chicken eating ants in my yard by my garbage can. So of course I end up chasing the chicken all over my yard to catch it and put it back in the enclosed area that the neighbor has for her. I come to find out that the chicken had been missing all night and he was worried sick. Of course I was late to my appointment because I was chasing the chicken. LOL
So the new neighbor comes up to my husband yesterday evening and says “you’ll never believe this! last night I came out on my porch and there was a chicken, it slept on my porch all night!”

Cracked me up. Funniest thing in a long time. What about you? Tell me funny stories :)

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MY next door neighbor let’s say is a bit ANAL about his lawn and my 11 yr proudly cut our grass to surprise his daddy. My son cut over on my neighbors lawn by 6”!! Later that day there is a 3 foot long neon blue stripe spray painted on the lawn demarking the property line. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants and my 11 yr old clearly concerned about what had happened started laughing and then dickwad heard the commotion, came around the corner, saw us laughing away and turned and huffed off. I laughed even harder!! I so can’t wait to move!!

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@Cruiser oh my gosh, that is hilarious. What a grouch!

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@Cruiser Perfect response, and I’m glad he heard you! What a dweeb!

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Seth Rogen always tickles me, and last night I watched “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.” Lots of raw language and visuals, but very, very funny.

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You should go get about 5 different colors of spray paint and finish the job!!

Anyway, UCME just gave a pronunciation lesson from the UK. He said it was “Arrrrrrrrrrrrr…f past 8” there! That made me laugh.

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@Austinlad I loved that movie… you’re right, very funny!

@Dutchess_III that just made ME laugh. haha.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I told him he said it wrong. It’s supposed to be “eight toudy” :)

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Last night my son wanted to sleep in my daughter’s room because they were watching a movie on TV. Usually if she lets him sleep in her room, he makes a pallet on the floor. I went to check on them before I went to bed and they were both in her twin bed, he was against the wall and she was cuddled right up behind him. It was so funny, because they fight like cats and dogs but then they slept like that last night. They are 10 and 7.

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@Dutchess_III I took a picture with my phone and I’m going to show it to them next time they are killing each other!

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Two of my grandkids, 5 and 7, have different fathers (Same mom) so they spend a lot of time apart. They are always SO excited and happy to see each other! Kind of like two boxers shaking hands in the middle of the ring before they commence battle!

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@Cruiser I’m glad he got pissed totally ruined his whole point. Very funny.
@Austinlad I love that movie. There’s the two titles Zack and Miri and then the second with the longer title. I got the longer one for Christmas and had to try to exlpain to my parents what it was about. :)
@knitfroggy That sounds so sweet.
@Dutchess_III That’s awesome.

I can’t think of anything personal that happened. But, I’ve been watching this series on OPB called Make’em Laugh. It’s about different styles in comedy in America over the years. They had one about oddballs and misfits. Part of that one was about Abbott and Costello’s movies. I saw Buck Privates on tv the next day and I was laughing so hard. It was my first Abbott and Costello movie and I’m excited to see more. I like the older stuff more than the newer stuff sometimes.

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@lucillelucillelucille Right on! That and Blazing Saddles!!

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Rick and I took a bit of a drive to a tiny town called Rock, Kansas, because someone there was advertising “Moving sale! Everything must go!!” So we went. You can find really neat stuff in those country homes! But….not in this case. It was all just junk! Everything was dirty and it was icky. They had this big boat in their yard. I think it’s called a cabin cruiser. In its day (60’s, maybe) it was VERY cool, because it had sleeping births and a small table under the bow. It was junk now, though. Rick looked in it and said, “It’s even got trees!” LOL! It did, too! It was SO dirty that several saplings were literally growing in the boat! We had fun with that all the way home. :)

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