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How can I grow long nails?

Asked by tylerandcason (94points) July 29th, 2010

I used to be obsessed with long beautiful nails really. But they never happened. I spent $20 in a week for nail products. Can you tell me a cheap way I can grow them that i s guaranteed?

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Eat a proper diet.

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You can try the “Do-not-cut-them-and-wait” method.

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I second @YARNLADY ‘s response. When I’m with family and eating proper meals, the grow fast and strong; when flying solo, not nearly as quickly.

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You can strengthen your nails by taking biotin.

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@marinelife gave me the advice about taking biotin about 2 months ago. I started taking it the next day and my nails are now 100% better than they were. They are stronger, longer, and have stopped peeling. Thank you Marinelife!

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Diet is important. There’s a couple of nail strengthening products out there that might help. I think Sally Hansen do some of that stuff.

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Eat a lot of protein and calcium. Moisturize your nails, use hand lotion regularly. Trim and file them regularly to keep them strong. Keep them polished. That to me is the most important factor. Polish protects your nails, keeps them firm, prevents breakage. Avoid using your nails to pick or pry or peel at things.

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That polish that strenghens nails, you paint it on, and it helps preserve your nails.

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