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I need two new tires and an alignment . . . where should I go?

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) July 29th, 2010

I need two tires and my front aligned.

Where should I go?

I had good experiences with Walmart in the past with tire prices and install, but do they do alignment?

What about Sears Auto? Any good or bad experiences?

What about PepBoys? Good Bad? I googled them and the first one I read was negative, so I thought just to ask here.

Also, living in So Fla if it matters, about how much should an alignment cost?

Thanks guys.

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Tire store? Just a thought.

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Sam’s Club?

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Thanks guys, I was looking for a specific experience at one of the above mentioned places, or a referral to a specific store.

No good on Sam’s though, they sell tires, but not alignments. And I want one stop shopping b/c it takes forever when you drop your car at a garage

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We have an account with Firestone which allows us to do work now, at a discount, and pay for it later, at a very reasonable cost.(I think it’s free for 90 days or something like that). Our local shop has been doing our work for many years now. They are all independently owned, so some are better than others.

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Thanks @yarnlady. I’ll check them out.

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Sams Club is where I would go.

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I’ve been to Pep Boys, Firestone, and Goodyear “Good Guys”.

Pep Boys sucked. Goodyear sucked (they tried to charge me recycling fee for tires they were going to resell anyway.) Firestone did it without any bullshit.

I realize, if there’s different franchise owners, or perhaps different managers, things could be different in other areas.

chubbychu's avatar will sell you the lowest priced performance tires on the internet. They wont be as cheap as some of those generic tires out there, but you’ll know youre getting a good deal at tirerack.

they’ll ship it to you or an installer in your area, and you just pay for mount/balance at your local installer. Alignments should run you about $80.00 for 4 wheels.

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Buy your tires at WalMart and have them installed and aligned at Sears.

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@john65pennington that sounds smart. thanks, i think that’s what i’ll do!

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