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Need help calculating out my grade?

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) July 29th, 2010

OK so for my class. i missed some stuff due to medical reasons but teacher won’t let me make it up and won’t tell me my grade she just gave me all the info i need to figure it out and i can’t figure it out. Also wondering what I would need to get on the rest of my assignments to pass with a c if possible. and i have 1 review question, project, and test and a final project plus final exam left. So tests are 30% of the grade, projects is 35%, review questions is 10%, then final exam is 20% and participation is 5%.

so for tests we have had 2 so far and i only got to take one. o I got 72 on the one and 0 on the other with one test left worth 100 points
projects i got= 95, 74, 88,79,79. and i missed 4 of them so should be a total of 9 projects( all projects are out of 63 points if that matters) (one left to do)
review questions= 88, 80, 80, 80. missed 3 should be a total of 7 review questions (all out of 25) (one left to do)
and participation I should get full 5%

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edited again

test average: 36/100×30% =.108
projects average: 46/100×35% =.161
review questions: 46.85/100×10% =.046
participation: 100/100×5% =.05
current overall average = 0.365 out of 80.. F
edit: I forgot you didn’t take your final exam yet

—- Best circumstances—
test average: 57.33/100×30% = .1719
project average: 51.5/100×35% = .1802
review questions: 53.5/100×10% = 0.0535
participation 5% = .05
final exam 20% = .20
overall average = 0.6556 D

If you had a legitimate medical reason, I would get a note from your doctor and speak to your counselor about this situation.

Good luck.

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the numbers i posted are percents like i got 88% and on the projects, and review questions. i wasn’t sure if what it all was gonna be out of total would matter. i got a 22 (out of 25) , 60 (out of 63) , 20 (out of 25) , 20 (out of 25), 20 (out of 25), 47 (out of 63) , 56 (out of 63) , 50 (out of 63) , 50 (out of 63) , 72.00 (out of 100.00) . if that changes anything. ya I’m trying to get a note I Just have to wait till i go back to the doctors


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Add up all your grades and divide them by the number of grades you have. Then if you’re over a c don’t worry about it; if you’re not, add a 100 to the grades and repeat. If that helps.

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Your final grade score will be .30*Tests + .35 * projects + .10* review questions+ .20* final + .05*participation. Each of the items being multiplied has to be a percentage so that the final number will be a percentage.

I would guess that the percentage on each test counts equally, so to find the test average just add each test percentage (score divided by total points on test*100) and divide by 3. Similarly for the projects, work with percentages, which would just be a matter of dividing each of the scores by 63 and multiplying by 100 and then dividing the sum of the percentages by 9. I am too lazy to do the calculation so I leave that to you. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Take the averages. Assume you will get 100% on all your remaining tasks:
Tests: 72, 0, 100 – avg 57%
Projects: 95, 74, 88, 79, 79, 0, 0, 0, 0, 100 – avg 56%
Review: 88, 80, 80, 80, 0, 0, 0, 100 – avg 54%
Final: 100%
Participation: 100%

Take the percentages, as shown by @LostInParadise => 67% C. You will thus need to ace everything from now on to get your C.

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