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What's in your pantry?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7790points) July 29th, 2010

if you’re a cook or a “kitchen” person, you can usually tell a lot about what cooks in the kitchen and the “cook” just by checking out the “pantry,” or that special place of complex carbs to snacks, sauces, spices—even grocery bags.

can you hook up a meal from your pantry? what could you cook right now from those spices or “dry” or “boxed” items?” can you go there in a dinner pinch and make it happen without making a trip to the grocery store? fully stocked? or bare?

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Cockroaches, and yaki soba noodles.

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@truecomedian ewwwllll, but i’ve seen it. not my house, but i’ve seen it.

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noodles, brownie mix,sprinkles, a box of spices,and who knows what else

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my pantry: soy sauce, sugar, flour, hot sauces, chips, cookies, cereal both healthy and not healthy, cumin, ketchup, syrup, oregano, rice, brown rice, multigrain pasta, blue corn tortillas shells, marjoram, saffron, cardamon, green tea, grits, etc…

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Only two things that if combined could make a a lunch or dinner dish: an open bag of dry pasta and a can of white pasta with mussels sauce. Everything else is spices, vinegar and oil, coffee, tea, and a few misc. things I’m afraid to eat. Oh yeah, and two bags of dry cat food.

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I always have:

Chicken stock
Canned beans
Dry beans
Canned tomatoes
Pasta sauce
Mustard powder
Canned tuna
Canned salmon

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@jaytkay now u r talkin my language.

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@jaytkay : I’ll be right over…

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Cereal, crackers, canned oysters, vinegar, olive oil, granola bars, cake icing, cake candles, sprinkles, pancake syrup, pancake mix, popcorn, hot chocolate, pasta, canned tuna, and a variety of other things.

At first I thought this question said “who’s in your pantry?” hehe :P

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canned tomatoes, pasta, rice, hamburger helper. Ragu, cajun, old bay, bay leaves, Lawry seasoning salt, can of spam, a can of tuna, cream of mushroon soup. Vegetable oil. Geez I could go on forever! FOREVER.

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I want to live at @jaytkay‘s place! Not much in my pantry. If you consider a “meal” Campbell’s tomato soup, or a can or two of tuna. Which I do.

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@Frenchfry oh yeah, i got the old bay too

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Soup,oatmeal and did I mention oatmeal?? ;)

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Dang. I’m not much of a cook. I just eat at home 95% of the time.

Forgot to mention – boxed macaroni and cheese – Annie’s is preferred by me, but in my experience EVERYONE likes Kraft macaroni and cheese.

@lucillelucillelucille Oatmeal makes the world go ‘round. I forgot oatmeal.

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@Frenchfry i know, right! CRAB BOIL! BACKYARD FISH FRY!!!

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@jaytkay : Make up the guest room, Darlin’, we’re ALL coming over!

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@ Charlieandcompany34 That’s how we do it Florida. I forgot to add your name.

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Too many to mention. But its lacking one thing. Mallowmars. I really wish I had some now. Thanks!
I didn’t think of them till I started to wonder what wasn’t in my pantry. :(

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So much stuff…cereal, oatmeal, granola bars, pretzels, pasta, pasta sauce, rice, staples like flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking powder and soda, cocoa, veg. oil, olive oil, vinegar, white wine vinegar, ‘Nilla Wafers, Ritz crackers, Nutrigrain bars, Goldfish crackers, various extracts, a wide assortment of spices, bread crumbs, dried fruits, croutons, instant pudding, coffee, powdered sugar, bread, hot dog rolls, and a box of “Suddenly Salad” pasta salad mix, Kraft Mac N Cheese, tea, and a big jar of wild Maine blueberries that I can never decide what to do with.

Basically, snacks for the kids and stuff I use in cooking or to help with a quick meal on a busy night. Once it cools off, I’ll add some soups to the pantry. We usually have a couple of cans of tuna in there, but ate it the other day.

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@MissAusten them blueberries? OMG, please make some french toast with them or pancakes.

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@charliecompany34 You think? The juice they are in is very thin, and it would be a shame to drain them and lose that. I keep intending to make a pie, but I’d need two jars. They were a gift, and I don’t know where to get them. I’m sure one of these days I’ll come up with something!

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Over stocked. I could almost say, you name it…I probably got it.

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Canned goods out the wazoo. Tons of veggies, olives, tomato paste, chicken broth, tuna, tomato soup and wedding soup.
Panko breadcrumbs, italian breadcrumbs, dry beans, canned beans, several varieties of pasta and two boxes of rice (one white, one brown.) Cereal and crackers. Peanut butter. Sunflower seeds, cashews, whole peanuts and sliced almonds. Right now there is also a small plate of cookies that I baked last night.

My spices aren’t in my pantry, I have two big spice racks in my (tiny tiny tiny) kitchen. I am not really going to list them all, there are probably 50 different spices in there.

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Well the usual, canned goods, Kraft Dinner, too much salt and some other foodstuffs. I also use the bottom as storage for tools, cleaning implements, and once I found five bucks in there. It was awesome.

Yes, I can make a little something out of what’s in it, but right now there isn’t much, and even if there was I’m not much of a cook at all.

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Would you like mustard or black pepper on your bagel?

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@rpmpseudonym Mustard if you don’t have cream cheese.

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Funny thing about that.. my little sister really did pepper her bagels when she was a kid. She salted & peppered her toast, also.

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What’s in your wallet?

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I have two pantries, one inside and one outside storage area, plus an under counter lazy susan with four levels of cans. I also have three overhead cabinets full of food. I have enough variety of foods to feed a family of four from three to six months.

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I’m not a cook but my partner is. Our pantry has canned food, staples like rice, noodles and pasta of various kinds, lots of herbs, spices, oils and vinegars, breakfast cereals, biscuits, bread. I could make meals for a family of four, perhaps three times before I would need to start supplementing it with food from the fridge or freezer. They probably wouldn’t be nutritionally balanced meals though. Not enough veg.

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Spices, sugar, flour, brown sugar, canned soups, beans, pasta, olive oil, spaghetti sauce, couscous, brown rice. I can make meals in a pinch with what I have, but it’s not going to be anything special.

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Whats in my panty!? Ya wanna lil peek?

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If I had one it would be canned food.

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I have too many things in my pantry to mention here. But i can make a simple meal with them, but nothing fancy i think. I have many pasta and rices, canned foods, quite a few spices, baking stuff etc. The plastic bags are’t kept with the food though. :) And neither are the fruits and veggies.

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