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If you only had $20 dollars to spend on a gift, what would you get?

Asked by Luffle (1263points) July 30th, 2010

You are trying to get a thoughtful gift for your significant other but you are limited to using up to $20 (including tax). What kind of gift would you get them?

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A gift card to Loews. men love that sort of thing and $20 dollars would come in handy for him at a time when he is short of money and needs something for his house. my wife gave me one for my birthday and i still have it. good to know its there, just in case.

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Take them out to eat. Men love food. Way to a man’s heart is through his tummy.

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How about a gift basket with several small items, a bottle of plum wine, a book by Kahlil Gibran, and a pouch of dried squid.

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I would love an itunes gift card or gift card from a local coffee place.

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If the SO is a book or music lover, a gift certificate to a book store, iTunes or Amazon. Or you could put twenty crisp dollars in a card and write a really nice note.

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I would go to a used book store and find a copy of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain.

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Depends on what my SO like and what he really need at that particular time. I’ll choose a/some bathing/skin products(since I know most men don’t use quality bathing/skin product,a 20$ in my country is more than enough/just enough,depends on the brand to buy those stuff).

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A book or music voucher. Otherwise, I’d take him for a cheap meal.

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I would buy my husband a can of air for some reason his favorite thing in the world and a big box of candy.

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Seeing as I don’t know a signifigant other that I don’t have.. I’d spend it on myself. Some of the nice Philosophy bath/shower/body wash. Mmmm. They smell wonderful.

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How about a bumper pack of Condoms? :-/

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A book. My partner always has a ton of books on his wish-list.

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I’d go out with my camera and take a photo that meant something to her (perhaps of a sentimental place, something inspiring, or just something pretty). Then I’d take the $20 and get a good frame for the picture, and also a cup of her favorite coffee.

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Buy delicious and fresh ingredients and make him a lovely meal of his favorite foods.

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Give them $20.

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I am book lover so these book darts from Lee Valley were a great gift.

Gift giving is very personal. I have to know what a person’s interests are before I feel confident that I am getting a good gift.

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You can get a pretty decent bottle of wine for $20.

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I got him a nice little table top fountain, which he dearly loves.

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-Take him out to dinner at a “family” reataurant like Denny’s or something like that.
-A CD.

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some SOS Abita Beer I might have to steal a couple for myself!

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I would definitely buy a book, without a doubt. The way to my man’s heart, thankfully, is a bit more north than the tummy.

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Gosh! Where does one begin??? Male or Female? What age? There is so much to buy!

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@SVTSuzie it can be for male or female.

Someone I met recently painted a picture of the city I grew up in and burned a cd if a song meant a lot to him. I think these two things are also nice, inexpensive gifts.

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