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If you were granted three wishes. you could use two but had to give the third to another, Who would you?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) July 30th, 2010

Family, friends, other…

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Yes, to family and I hope it would not be wasted.

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Oh I would never give a wish away, that would be up for negotiation to the highest bidder.

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someone in desperate need…......hehe..joking…..

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@ucme So you would sell your wish on Ebay? LOL

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@Frenchfry Good God no!!! Nothing so trashy, no i’d have family & friends bicker until I bled one of the sucker’s dry. They’re my wishes, they were given to me (stamps foot in petulant hissy fit) XD

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Family, without a doubt!

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Oh it’s so tough. I can’t choose. That’s why its easier being selfish. You don’t have to make such choices.

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My boyfriend.

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A good friend who I know would put one wish to good use. ;)

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All I would need is one wish and after I used it, no one would ever have the need for a wish again

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Hmm… About this wish thing I always have my own ideas.
Here’s how it goes:
First wish: Duplicate my wishes.
Second wish: Duplicate my wishes,and so on.

So I have unlimited wishes which I could add and use at will. So I have no need to share my wish,OK,if I really have to then I’ll give it to my cat. After all,wishes can grant you whatever you want.

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I would want to be greedy and give the third wish to my husband so we could have all those wishes between us.

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A very good friend who has a lot of problems in his life, both health-wise and financial.

mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe's avatar

my mom, I guess, or my best friend

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my dad so he can wish himself here.

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I’d give it to my husband – he’d wish something that would be good for all of us, no doubt.

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Heck yeah.. that would still be two more wishes than I already have right now. Anyone here want to do a deal where we swap that third wish?

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My Mother, Brother, Sister or Nephew.

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