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Do you think anyone has made human cheese?

Asked by credo99 (20points) March 21st, 2008

Most cheese is made from cow’s milk. Some from goat. Some from sheep. I am sure there are others.

Why not human breast milk?

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Yuck? How do you know? It might be a delicacy in some parts…

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I don’t know but the idea sounds terrible!!!

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I’ll best it tastes pretty Gouda. :o

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ah. gouda! nice 3 stooges ref.

I bet it’s “gamey”

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I do think it’s funny that most of us spent a good chunk of time subsisting exclusively on breast milk, but now the thought is completely revolting. I wonder what freud would say…

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Humans are also the only mammals that drink milk after we are weaned.

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fromunda cheese ^_^

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gives a whole new purpose for the MILF community.

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I still want to try breast milk. Has anyone tried it before? Can’t wait till I get a girl knocked up!

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ew. thats weird. but go for it…

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nice link, nayeight. So it looks like she couldn’t make it work…

What’s a bit disturbing is that she has made cream soup with her breast milk?! Yech.

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yea I read that. I was thinking about the whole breast milk thing and I guess its not that weird. We drink cow milk instead of our own milk and I guess compared to other animals thats kinda weird.

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It’s available in the “Organic” food section at the local health food store….Look for the Baby on the label…...It sells out quick….

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I read the article nayeight posted (good job finding that btw) and then read the comments, and all I can say is I’m taken aback, they make some good arguments, but the idea is still unthinkable to me…

People have weird beliefs and ideas, but that doesn’t necessarily make them wrong or “sick” just saying I can never imagine myself doing it…

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