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Is subway a healthy diet or just an over reaction about that dude JARED

Asked by DinoMite7 (33points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone

im on the subway diet and i dont know if i should change or not

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Read the fine print, it’s only a diet if you get a 6” sub with no cheese, mayo or anything else tasty. I do think they let you have meat, lettuce and a couple slices of tomato though.

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The subway diet is a marketing ploy, not a diet. Maybe you’ll lose weight, but is the goal for you to get slimmer or Subway’s profits to rise?

There’s no secret to losing weight. Do more exercise, don’t eat shit. Subway is a healthy choice for fast food, sure, but not the foundation of healthy life. Sorry.

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Jared also did a lot of walking to get where he is.
I wouldn’t consider Subway as a diet plan, but it is better than some other things we can get.

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Sigh! No wonder my daily meatball sub, toasted with swiss, never worked….. So I was supposed to toss the meatballs, toss the swiss and just eat the roll? Life is so not fair.

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Don’t eat the roll either fulther mother. Too many carbs. Actaully, just the lettuce and tomatoes is all you can have!

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The point of the Jared commercials is that a 6-inch Subway sandwich with certain meats and no dressing on it has fewer calories and less fat than a comparably sized burger from a fast food place. This is not a lie.

If you don’t read the fine print and get 12” subs with all the toppings, following them with 32 ounces of high fructose corn syrup in carbonated water, you won’t lose weight.

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The point of subway is to show that their food has less calories than a smaller amount of food. They constantly show examples of a hamburger being about 400 calories, while a full sandwich by them will be about 250. (examples in calories off the top of my had, not real) So, I’m guessing you can lose weight by eating more with less fat.

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@amandaafoote, just remember that by “full sandwich” you really mean a 6” without cheese, dressings or other condiments. You do get some veggies included with that, but you are mostly eating bread. If you want a sandwich that tastes good (i.e. what most people actually order) you are probably going to be much closer to other fast food places and really shouldn’t think of yourself as being “on a diet” or “eating healthy.” I’m sure it’s still better than a whopper or big mac, but that’s like saying you’re a better basketball player than the 4-year-old kid down the road.

I hate to break it to anyone thinking otherwise, but there’s no big secret/mystery to loosing weight. It involves eating less and/or exercising more. It’s not quick, it’s not easy, and it’s probably not fun, on the other hand, it’s not exactly a big mystery either. I’ve found the best way to work on weightloss & improving physical fittness is to get a partner to do it with you. On those days when you’re too sore to get yourself into the gym they can be there to motivate you, and vice versa; when you play off each other’s successes like that it becomes much easier to stick to it.

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