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What is your favorite childhood memory?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) July 30th, 2010

What do you remember from your past? When you were a small child?

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My favorite childhood memory happens to be my first childhood memory, and that was watching an F5 tornado with my dad. I remember my dad being very excited and pointing things out to me while carrying me in his arms in our front yard.
It sparked my love of weather and storm chasing. I was never afraid of lightning or thunder as a kid, my parents had to fight to keep me in the house as soon as the clouds started rolling in.

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Wonderful question, and hh gosh, there are so many from my early childhood. One is eating watermelon with my mom and dad at an open-air melon stand. Another is playing with my friends up and down the block till we got called hom, just as the sun was setting. Another is walking home from a school friend’s house in the snow at dusk, seeing the lights reflecting off the white ground, hearing that amazing “silent sound” snow produced. Another is the first time I kissed a girl and knew liked me. And when I was made a patrol boy, complete with white chest belt and badge (but later got fired for being sucked into a fight). You want me to keep going on? Probably not, but here’s one of my very favorite memories: sitting around the breakfast table on Sunday mornings with my family, eating deli food. It’s never tasted as good since.

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Eating slices of American cheese and watching Tales from the Crypt with my mom late at night.

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Ready to be bored? Getting up in the morning , eating cereal then racing outside to ride my new Schwinn down the street with the breeze going past my ears. Had a huge headlamp on the front.
All Christmas mornings with the scent of pine from the tree and all those gifts!! wow!
Saying my prayers to mom as she sat on my bed each night.
Waking up on a saturday to the click click sound of dad mowing with his push mower and smelling the grass thru my screen.
Eating crab all spread out on newspapers with the family.
Smelling mom’s cooking when asleep in the morning upstairs.
Helping dad plant seeds in the backyard. Eating tomatoes off the vine while carrying a salt shaker.
Splashing barefoot in the puddles after a rain when the sun was shining again.
Walking home from school in the deep snow. YES IT WAS DEEP AND YES IT WAS ¼ MILE. What was that smell? Could I really have smelled snow?? And it was SO quiet !!
Going to the little bakery with mom that smelled (there’s that word again) like Heaven: sugar and butter?
Going down to the basement and seeing dad soldering and working on radios, of all things. (I had to keep quiet)
Having SO MANY little girls up and down the street to play with!
Then, entering my teens, the magic began to drift away…

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For me it’s basically just being thankful to my grandparents and my mother, when I used to live with my mother I didn’t want to go to school, but then she sent me to the village to live with my grandparents and there I changed a lot, now I’ll even have a much brighter future.
thank you Family<<3<3<3

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Singing the hymn “The Day Thou Gavest Lord Is Ended” during Friday afternoon assembly at primary school. At the very least it marked the beginning of the weekend, but once a year it heralded the beginning of the Christmas holidays.

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My fondest memory is when I was about 5 or 6 sitting in this one patch of sun that shined between the close set houses where I lived. I would sit there for hours (with my thumb in my mouth) and just watch the children playing and people walking down the street. What contentment.

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I also sat outside the window watching. in fact i still do. i watch the birds fly past and the sun move across the sky.

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you’re too young!! I couldn’t possibly say!! :-/

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just say it. no point in coming here saying that you cant say

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When I was young I shared my bedroom with my older brother :-/
Should I carry on ?? As he did ? :-/

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Definitely not the time that I stabbed myself in the eye with a knife (on accident :]) then didn’t tell anyone because I knew they wouldn’t let me go to the circus that night if my mom found out.

(I kept my eyes looking down the entire night, but my aunt saw it on the car ride home, spent the next few days in the ER. Fun stuff. .)

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Coming up over the hill in our station wagon as we finally got our first look of that lake where our summer cabin was where I couldn’t wait to row the wooden row boat out to the weed bed and catch fish all afternoon long….play at the sand hill and water ski till my arms fell off!!

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@Scooby And that’s your favourite?


My favorite memories generally revolve around my dad: practicing board-breaking for Tae Kwon Do class, learning how to ride a bike, reading Tolkien and Kipling before bed… and playing alone: the fantasy worlds my “magic keys” would take me.

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@Aster… you still have the magic… thanks for your story.

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When reminiscing bout my youth, I thin back of a time where my world was limited to my street and the forest that began at the end of it was like outer space. Hours did we spend, Evert (the boy-next-door) and I in that forest. We waited for the wolf and played for hours. With nothing, but a pair of sticks. We would play real life Stratego with the older kids in our streets and we didn’t have a care in the world.

The best days where those when my grandparents came to my world. They would bring mangos. Sweet beautiful fruits that were only available through their ‘connections’ back where they lived. My grandfather would carefully peel it, as if it was the greatest treasure in the world and I would get the core, with all the sweetness still on it.

Every other week or so, my father would come by and pick us up to spend the weekend with him. I was sure that I was the most important thing in the world to him.

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I don’t remember a lot from when I was little. But one great thing I remember was when my family went to Hawaii when I was about 3. I remember feeding the fish in the ocean peas. My family would go down to the water and we’d have bags of frozen peas and just throw them to the fish.

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My brother was a little older than me, + 5 in fact…He used to sneak girls back to our room when he thought I was asleep…. Should I carry on??? :-/

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Anyway….. Besides what my brother unintentionally taught me, I used to love getting up early on Autumn mornings & going over the fields picking mushrooms with my sister.. There was a derelict iron stone mine where we lived & we all used to play there, it was great!! Kept us occupied all through the summer holidays….. ;-)

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@Scooby Thanks for clarifying, my suspicions were a lot worse, from what you wrote before. Your new post is a relief and makes me worried about the dark side of my own imagination.

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@whitenoise Yeah, me too. Whew.

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@whitenoise @Seek_Kolinahr

I’m intrigued you two!?? :-/
Tell me privately your dark thoughts, Huh!……..I’m very curious how your minds work!!. :-/

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It sounds sappy, but when I was 12, I woke up to the perfect summer morning. All the windows were open but the air in the house was still cool. Shade covered the back yard as the birds were sing and a slight breeze brought in the sent of dew that I will never forget. This is my “Happy place” that I can return to at will and stay there as long as I wish. Sappy huh?

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that sounds really nice. its the simplest things that can make a person happy.

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When I was young I shared my bedroom with my older brother :-/
Should I carry on ?? As he did ? :-/

It sounds like you’re talking about your brother having sex with you.

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Same here… Like i said… It made me worry about myself as well.

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@Seek_Kolinahr @whitenoise

Holy shit!!! well I never! :-/
Guess I’ll have to be more careful in future how I write my replies…I can assure you, the only sex he was having was with the girls he snuck into our bedroom.. I believe to this day he knew I was awake but he just carried on regardless, he never once asked me to join in :-/

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Yeah, it’s generally best just to be blunt:

“When I was little, my brother would bang really hot chicks on the top bunk. It was awesome”.

No confusion there. ^_^

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Indeed! :-) Lol.. quite right…....

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maybe it is time to create another bedroom for my two boys

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Just move yourself out!! pervert!! :-/

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When I went for a walk with my grandpa in the woods . . . we saw racoons and owls and stuff.
I actually pretended we got lost lol.
It’s such a good memory for me, as he lives quite a while away but I love him so very much…

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I don’t have a single favorite, but one I enjoy remembering was this. After a heavy rain storm, the water rushing in the gutters was filled with waterlogged earthworms. The boys liked to take handfuls of them and throw them at the girls, who went running and squealing away. My friend Marguerite (known as Mugsy) and I scooped up worms and threw them at the boys, who scurried away as fast as they could. Mugsy and I felt triumphant

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