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What's the formula to this?

Asked by tap44 (2points) July 31st, 2010 from iPhone

I play a game that keeps track of your rank based on win percentage. Right now my win percentage is 0.873. It calculates your rank based on the last 150 games you’ve played. Anyone know? Sorry, I’m bad at math. Basically I just want to know how many games I’ve won/lost out of the last 150 I’ve played, and how that equates to a 0.873 percentage.

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150 x .873 = 130.95

.873 is the same as 83.7 percent. That’s pretty close to perfect, which would be 100 percent or 1.000

If you round things off, .8 = 8/10 = 4/5. .8×150 = 120. .9 =9/10/ .9×150 = 135.

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Thanks so much! Now I feel like an idiot lol, I never took that into consideration. No wonder I couldn’t figure it out, thanks so much :)

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You won 131 games out of 150 131/150 = .873333 They just rounded it to 3 decimals.
150 times the win percentage = number of games won
150 x .873 = 130.95 ~ 131

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(.873 = 8.73 percent.)

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Umm… @gailcalled 1 is 100% so 0.873 is 87.3% in my math class. You were right the first time.

Now if the OP meant 0.873 % not .873 then that means they won 150×0.873/100 = 1.31 games. Not likely I’m sticking with 87.3 %

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@worriedguy I think that most people transpose characters wehn they get typing too fsat.

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@worriedguy @jerv: Or simply getting confused. I thought that I had checked the math (in my head). Head is not working as well as it did in my youth.

I should keep it simple. 90% (.90) of 100 is 90. (It is, isn’t it?)

Does it count that I got the right answer?

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