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Does anyone have any insight about the CometBird browser?

Asked by UScitizen (4283points) August 1st, 2010

I’ve found it to be lower in resource usage. But, I know very little beyond that. Any opinions?

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Most of what I’ve read about it seems to be slightly derogatory. Some call it an outright Firefox clone with some pre-bundled extensions, some complain that it’s Windows-only (Mac and Linux people need not apply), and some about not having access to the source code like you do with Firefox.

As for the browser itself, some love it’s light load, but aside from tha there isn’t anything really special about it. Its also a little behind Firefox, so some question it’s security since patches and fixes come out later than for FF.

Personally, I am unimpressed and rather neutral towards it, and do not plan on switching since it doesn’t have anything to offer me. It’s main claim to fame is not an issue for a person whose CPU rarely ticks over and whose RAM usage bar is less than half full most of the time when browsing a dozen tabs. Maybe if I had a less powerful system or one that was technically obsolete I might think differently.

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I just switched over from Netscape 7.0 to Firefox last year.

Takes plenty for me to switch browsers.

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@ChazMaz Netscape 7 was deprecated in 2005 so I can’t help but laugh!

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I like to laugh too. Even if at myself. But it was such a good work horse.

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“But it was such a good work horse.”
Hear, hear.

Have you looked at ? It’s mozilla’s all-in-one, kinda like the Netscape of old.

And it’s fun to run cometfox on my emulated win3.1 that runs from flash, but that’s about it. Stick with FF+NoScript, nothing comes close to it.

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