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How long does it take to receive the income tax return in Barcelona, spain ?

Asked by findmandoline (5points) August 1st, 2010

I filed my tax return form using the Padre software and returned it with my bank office for verification at june 19th, return expectable is little more than 600€uros, my bank is the “caixa catalunia” if this matters for something.

A coworker of mine received his return ( a little less than mine) in after 3 weeks, the official guidelines state it can be returned by the tax office from now until december of the year.

Is there a “rule of thumb” on how long it takes regularly to receive ones income tax money back in Barcelona ?

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I wonder if this jelly ever got his tax refund! Looking back at some orphans, and thought this was a peach of a question.

I would assume from his lurve, he (she) asked this one question and drowned…...

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