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Why is NH the lowest crime state in the US?

Asked by NormanL (481points) August 2nd, 2010

New Hampshire is ranked No.1 for the second time thanks to impressively low crime across the board. It boasts the nation’s lowest murder rate and second-lowest aggravated assault and burglary rates.

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Because no one cares about what goes on there.

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@Adirondackwannabe The people that live there care and those of us who live in high crime areas wonder why.

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@NormanL Just kidding. It’s a beautiful state, I can show you some areas around here that would make you lock the doors and reach for your gun. I’m not surprised it’s a low crime area.

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Largely rural state. Very homogeneous in terms of demographics. Except for the Southeast, people have lived there forever, mostly, and everyone knows everyone. Not a lot of cities and those that are cities aren’t very big.

There. All those reasons. Some must be on target. ;-)

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Low unemployment would certainly play into the equation!

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It is rural
Compared with other states, it ranks:
#7 in per capita income
#2 in health index
#1 in best life style statistics source
#12 in unemployment with only 3.4%
Very liberal gun laws. No license required to purchase but license required to carry concealed

Geez. I think I just found a great place to retire. Except for all the snow.

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Most of the state is rural, but the tri-city area has relatively high crime (for the area). Outside of the urban triangle, there is enough space for everyone to be relaxed so most people generally are.

@worriedguy You forgot about the Castle Doctrine, a.k.a. “Make my day” laws. Trespassers can be shot legally, and there is a good chance that they will be. I got a new-to-me car that my neighbor up the road (a Vietnam vet with PTSD and flashbacks) didn’t recognize when I pulled into his driveway to turn around. I nearly got a .50 BMG round in the engine block before he realized it was me.
As for the snow, it forces people to learn how to drive. I laughed my ass off when I moved from NH to Seattle and saw how many people couldn’t handle a couple inches, especially since two nights previous I had been doing 45 MPH in a whiteout on glare ice in a Mazda with bald tires.
If you do decide to move to NH, I recommend Cheshire county. Keene is urban enough to have a plaza with the typical mall stuff (Target, Borders, Chili’s…) but still has a small-town attitude since it’s only ~23K people. The rest of the county is villages with General Stores, trees, nice people, trees, cabins in the woods, trees, the occasional animal darting across the road (bear, moose, turkey, coyote…), and you might see some trees.

Great, now I almost want to quit my job and move back!

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