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Do you think it'd be safe (non-irritant) to put a little bit of essential oil into dog shampoo?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4912points) August 2nd, 2010

So…...i’m a cat person. But yesterday me and my husband see this “sausage dog” puppy at a pet store. It was all alone, and quite cute. We couldn’t leave it there, hehe. Anyway, i really don’t like the smell of dog, and want to know if i can add a couple drops of essential oil into her shampoo. This is my first dog. Have you ever used essential oils in dog shampoo? Is there anything else one can do?

And if it’s not a good idea, that’s ok too, i’m just asking. I’ll just have to wash my hands and clothes more often.

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It depends on if the animal is allergic to it. My last dog had severe skin allergies.

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I wouldn’t suggest it, simply because even people can have bad reactions to essential oils. That said, there are a lot of companies now that make animal perfume/cologne:

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I wouldn’t. Your best bet is to go and buy shampoo specifically for puppies which you can get at any pet shop or supermarket. This will take away the smell of dog without irritating the young skin.

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I wouldn’t, give the little weiner a bath once a week. He’ll smell fine, and you’ll grow to love him, stink or no stink. That’s kind of what happens with pets.

I so didn’t realize I started my sentence the same way as above. :O

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I always use my shampoo on my dogs and my little one has itchy skin so I mix whatever lotion I have at the moment (vasoline intensive this time) with water and squirt that all over her afterwards, rub it in then rinse lightly so she is not too greasy. Helps her dry skin and makes her smell nice. I often spray them with deodorant too, that makes them smell nice.

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I spend more time brushing than bathing. Bathing, brushing, using oil or not etc., think each dog is different. Bottomline, nice to see people taking care and loving their pets.

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I use essential oil for myself but I never mix it with my pet’s shampoo. What I know is that it’s generally safe if you use some particular ‘milder’ essential oil like Chamomile and Jasmine(this two are recommended for baby and pregnant women) for its gentleness trait.

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I would not mix any oil in your dogs shampoo. some oils can cause cancer. your dog may be allergic and it’s not worth taking the chance.

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Wait a minute… @john65pennington – which oils supposedly cause cancer? I’ve not heard of this before. Can you enlighten me maybe?

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I woudnt. I would just buy some scented pet shampoo. You’d be suprised at the variety of scents you can find!

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Even a lot of the oils used in “alternative health” aren’t completely safe for humans. Get something that’s super safe, something that’s used in a lot of commercial skin products, such as lavender, and do a test patch on a sensitive place on the pet. I’d suggest just buying some high quality pet shampoo that smells nice to you, though.

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God Bless You for rescueing a lost soul. Yes I believe dogs have a soul & go to heaven.

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