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Can animals be allergic to other animals?

Asked by augustlan (47715points) August 4th, 2010

Many people are allergic to dogs, cats or birds. Could a dog be allergic to say, birds? Could a bird be allergic to humans? You get the picture. If not, why would only human beings be susceptible to these types of allergies?

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My cat is allergic to dirty dogs. She’ll sneeze. Clean dogs don’t seem to bother her. She has the same symptoms as me.

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Apparently so. According to this article, they can actually be allergic to humans.

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I think so; I seem to be allergic to certain people. They make my neck hurt. I heard someone once say that their poodle was allergic to their cat.

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The vet said my cat has allergies…not to cats though…. XD

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Definitely, they have the capability of “enjoying” all the problems our human animal bodies can have.

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Humans are animals, so why wouldn’t other animals have allergies ?

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@Afos22 That was my thought, exactly. I knew that cats, dogs, etc. could have allergies to substances, I just hadn’t ever heard of other animals being allergic to, well, other animals.

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@afos22: agreed

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My dog is allergic to chicken. Got eczema. Switched to lamb and rice, and all is well now.

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