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What kind of music do you tend to listen to the most of?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) August 4th, 2010

I like all kinds of music. Blues Jazz , Hip hop, Rock ,Country.. I used to listen to was Old Rock more and now I am into country.. Makes me wonder does your music change as you get older?

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I go through phases. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of pop music, which is very unlike me. Like you… I listen to a wide variety of music. It’s hard to say what I listen to the most; I suppose classic rock or jazz.

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i flip flop with my mood/season as well.. recently tho Samatha Ronson and i like the LiLo song My Innocence. pump up the volume sndtrk. and.. guess that’s it. i’m in a funk.

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Music that contains notes is my favorite. Really, I love all kinds of music and listen to a wide variety on a weekly basis. Rock, classical, blues, opera, oldies, big band, show tunes and a smidgen of country.

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I listen to all kinds of music.Lately I have been listening to Billie Holiday.

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Anything except hard metal….too loud!

Very partial to Blues music!

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Oh absolutely anything & everything within reason. Currently listening to Depeche Mode….again!

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A little bit of everything. I’m always changing it up.

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Started young as a metalhead. Now anything goes. Completely depends on my mood. I go from blues to classical to jazz to rock to country. Why limit your choices?

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Blues….all kinds of blues with a little jazz fusion mixed in and a daily dose of ear burning sonic guitar licks to start the day.

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I’m not sure what it’s called, but i like dancy type music (with good base in it) (like some of the songs on the NOW series of CDs – if you guys get those things where you live). And i also like some rock music. What i don’t like is rave, disco, techno, country, jazz, blues, very heavy metal (Metallica is still mostly OK when i’m in the mood for it), Afrikaans music (they’re a genre all on their own over here). Oh yes, and i like some calmer music too, like Enya, Era, Gregorian and i like Vanessa Mae’s violin music.

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Mostly classic rock, Gypsy music (the real thing), and medieval death metal.

I also listen to country. The only thing changed for me is I had never heard Gypsy music or Medieval death metal. Now I have.

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I am listening to smaller, personal music, rather than the big stuff.
For example, I am listening to The Final Cut by Pink Floyd, rather than The Wall.
I am listening to John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band, rather than his work with the Beatles.
I am listening to Pete Townsend, rather than the Who.

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Mostly I listen to classical music, specifically baroque.

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Movie and game soundtracks (mostly music by Harry Gregson Williams and Hans Zimmer), some Punk Rock, a bit of J-Pop and J-Rock and classical music.
And this

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I compensate with the other 10% being girly pop music.

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I like Spanish music—on those Mexican radio channels. LOL ! I also like movie theme CD’s. Or is it called Mexican music? But I rarely listen to music ; I have no idea why. I have albums, Lots of 45’s from the 1950’s-1970’s , 2 nice record players…I just don’t know why I don’t listen. Commercials bug me .

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Punk, hardcore, thrash, metal, 1980s pop, new wave, progressive rock.

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of 80s Top 40, Rush and Yes.

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Classical the most, followed by pop and dance music.

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On Pandora, I have Winter Consort, Oregon, David Darling, Miles Davis, Muddy Waters, Chakradar #4, Chuck Mangione and Jai Uttal. That mix makes me happy mostly. What is that? World musicish, straight ahead jazz, progressive jazz, pop jazz, and Indian/middle eastern? Chitlins, goat cheese and humus.

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Indie American and British rock, mostly, but I listen to a wide variety of music.

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I just began to replay the CDs of Maria Callas, having recently read a good biography of her.

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Progressive Rock

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punk, violent pop/rock, rock, hard rock, metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, hardcore, screamo

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Depends on the mood really. Back when I was depressed [love issues], Nickelback really helped, so did Daft Punk. Nowadays, I listen to movie OST. [official soundtracks]

Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard make the best music today. [at least in that genre]

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