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As a kid, where did you hide your stash?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

Doesn’t matter what it was. Where did you hide it? I had a space above my desk drawers, behind the drawers that were under my bed, and once inside the ol’ Atari 2600.

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In Johnson’s underwear. (Breakfast Club)

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Hehehe, built a secret compartment in the bottom of my box full of records.

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I usually would keep them in my purse or in a wall I punched one day ha!

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I would pull the floor vent up in my room, and stash stuff under the carpet. This worked really well, until my grandmother hired two off-duty police officers to put down new carpet. Luckily, they just let my grandmother take care of the situation.

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My dad smoked so I never had to worry about such issues.

My dad did hide his stash from me though because I was always ganking his.

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my dad found my Michael Moore books inside one of my bed decorator pillows and my democratic ballot was concealed inside a small slut I made in my mattress.

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Slut, Riser? (gotta love iPhone)

When I was really little I would hide candy and other stash in the slats of the upper bunk of my bed (bunk bed).

I later started stashing cash behind pictures on the wall in my room, or in the cushions of the couch in my room (bottom side).

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I never stashed anything. If my brother took it I kicked his ass!

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I hollowed out a Robert Frost book, cut a hole in the wall behind my bedroom mirror, and buried things in mason jars in the woods. I didn’t do drugs, but I was infatuated with hiding “treasures” like old coins, pics shell necklaces, and pictures torn out of playgirl magazines

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I had a healthy stash of skin mags buried in the woods….. that may actually still be there.

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I currently hide my stash in the box of a Victorian doll. Everyone is terrified to even look at it so I know its safe there. :)

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When i was six, i thought it would be a “funny joke” to take all the letters out of the family computer’s keyboard, and put my mom’s drivers license in it.
boy did i feel like an ass when we were in the car with my mom, and she got pulled over, and didnt have her license
she really doesnt know to this day, and that’s the way we’ll keep it

i guess that kinda answered the question,, hmm..

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I kept it in an acoustic guitar under my bed. I always used my Gibson SG so I never took it out for people. When ever someone asked me to play it for them I just said the string were rusted so of sounded bad.

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that was supposed to be PUCA shell necklaces…damn these iPhones!

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i would take a tack and tack my bag to the wall behind the clothes in my closet

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I don’t do drugs, it’s not worth the risk for something so fleating. However I do hide personal keep sakes, things I don’t want any other person in the world to see in an old, hollow, cottonwood tree on my property. I have been doing that ever since I was old enough to reach the hole. No one to this day, to
my knowladge, has found it.

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@jtvoar16 et al, thanks for sharing. Just to clarify (since there’s been more than one assumption made), I’m using “stash” in a very colloquial sense. Perhaps not the best word choice. I figure we all hide stuff as kids, so I’m curious about where.

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in an altoid box in my junk drawer

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under my mattress!! Not very creative , but at least its out of plain sight.

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Inside my computer’s chassis, in my record player, and there was a tree in my back yard with a Boo Radley hole. That one was awesome until we moved. – No drugs. Just odds ‘n’ ends. Notes, secrets, treasures. That whole innocence of youth bit.

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when I was like 10 I stashed some ‘naked models’ playing cards under my dresser. Parents weren’t so happy when they rearranged the dressers in my room while I was at school =^(

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In the bottom drawer under clothes, in a container under my desk, and I think sometimes in my pillow case… I have no idea why.

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By the time I needed a “stash” my older sister had left for college, so I hid it in her room. Once, in my junior year, my mom needed a small box in which to wrap a small gift. She went looking for one in sis’ room and found said “stash”. I remember very well that moment. I was painting the kitchen ceiling when I heard mom on the phone with sis. Mom was bitching her out and telling her to get in her car and get her ass home now! I took it like a man, and went in and confessed. A stash is only a stash as long as it’s hidden. After that, it’s just the ugly truth.

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Between my matresses, in my jewlery box, underwear drawer, Bra, and under stuff :)

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In the hidden compartment in my bookcase. My dad sold it and I lost my stash.

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