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What color should I paint these two rooms in my house?

Asked by judochop (16099points) March 7th, 2010

My office and living room are in need of new colors. The flooring is a sage green color with bits of brown in it. Currently the office is a light green color and the living room is a matte cream color. My furniture in the living room consists of a large black entertainment center, black book shelf, black display shelf loaded with colored glass sculpture, two purple leather chairs and a dark red leather couch. The center of the room has a large brown rug with a black square coffee table. What colors suggest mood and or appear to make the room look bigger or smaller? This house is in Portland, Oregon. The three desks in the office are made of red wood so any color can go in the room.

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I like what Puppy said in chat.
That rusty red color.

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Gray. the answer to everything.

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Play around with kuler.

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go to a simple site where you can post pictures and then give us a link…it’s so much easier to help with an actual visual.

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I would go with a very pale royal blue, or try for a mix, like “this’:

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From your description of the living room it sounds like a reddish color would be a good choice.

My room is dark blue, with a yellow ceiling. (If you want, Judo, I can pm you a picture of it.) I really like it; the deep blue is relaxing. That might be a good color for the office.
When I decided to paint it that color everyone told me that it would make the room feel smaller, but this really wasn’t the case. The way you arrange the furniture will have a much bigger impact on how big or small the room feels than the color will.

augustlan's avatar has a color finder tool that you can use to play around with different color combinations in sample rooms.

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I have a lot of similar colors. When I told my husband I wanted chocolate brown walls he thought I was crazy. It is beautiful! I have a white slightly creamy (just enough cream to take the sharpness off) trim color.
I got my inspiration from the Wynn Hotel suites in Vegas. I figured Steve Wynn spent millions of dolors on decorators, and I might as well not try to reinvent the wheel. I stole a few other decorating ideas from there as well.

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I have a rusty red with a greenish floor and it looks good together. So does a muted gold shade.

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A med-dark color would help you furniture blend in. Maybe a brown to compliment your woodtones and rug. The glass sculpture would be best with a light background and spotlighting.

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I am using @johnpowell s idea. Thanks all.

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