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Why not show the questioner personal thumbnail next to his question on the main page?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) August 4th, 2010

It may be interesting to see the small thumbnail of the user next to his question. Why not?

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Yours is up there.

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It would take too much room and allow fewer questions to show on the main page.

Also, the main page is primarily for non-users of the site so the thumbnail would have no real meaning to them.

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@perspicacious He said on the main page, not the question page itself.

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We’ve thought about it before, and that might change. Stay tuned.

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@chels —I noticed that too late. :)

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I’d be against that. It would crowd the page..
I like how simple Fluther is. Adding avatars where they aren’t needed would be too much.

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Simple on the main page is good. I like how fast the questions can be scaned without the avatar. Also the avatar may intellectually or emotionally color the number of responses or the type of answer to a question. Going to the question page before seeing the avatar defuses that to some extent.

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I would not like it because I ‘d think twice about answering a question of a person that I don’t like ( recognizing him right away by the picture/name, but if I am already in the question itself, reading the other answers, I would most likely get into it and give it a chance even if i don’t like the person who is asking :)

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@MaryW and @Ludy , you do have a point.
I never thought it could be a personal matter.

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The name of the question asker is already posted on the main page, so I can decide if I want to look at it or not. I agree with @MaryW that the avatars would just “junk it up” and take up too much space.

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I think it might be cool. I’d like to see a mock-up.

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