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Is a 250cc Kawasaki Ninja worth buying?

Asked by Jeremycw1 (1370points) August 4th, 2010

I want to get a sport bike, but I don’t have much money to spend. They sell a 250cc model for about $4,000, but I’m not sure if they have much power, if it’s a good beginner bike, and how fast it goes. So if you would suggest it, or have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

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probably. If you don’t know what you are doing a smaller bike is probably smart.

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Yes it is a great starter bike. It will do 0–60 in 5.75 sec and the quarter mile in 14.6 sec. at 88 mph. You can beat 95% of all the cars on the road with those specs.
You will appreciate the light weight when you take that inevitable spill. Sorry. You can bet on it.
Here is a review.

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You should take the rider safety course. They usually do the riding skills on 250 bikes. Ninjas and cruisers. You can get a feel for the bike and learn some valuable skills. Gives you a discount on ins. also.

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The 250 also gets the best mpg rating, while still having enough power to get out of the way of danger. I was researching the fuel economy of various bikes here.

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yes. yes. and uh yea. I’ve had two ninja 250s. I just traded my 06 and got the new redesigned model. everything about this bike is amazing. don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t have enough power. unless you’re racing and need to hit speeds well above 100mph you will never have to worry about it. they can hit 110mph, that’s good enough. and the new ones look amazing! NO one will know it’s a 250. I had a gsxr 600 pull up along side of me and try to race on the highway last week. and my gf’s father (who rides) thought mine was a 600.

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This is a great beginner bike for many reasons. Cheap to maintain, fuel, insurance and a whole ton of fun per gallon. The other reason is that if you do take a low speed fall and end up underneath it, you will easily move it off you before the Third degree burns start.

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If it’s your first bike and you are into sport bikes then the Ninja 250 is a goo place to start. Not too pricey, not too powerful (nothing more dangerous than a n00b on a 900), well-mannered… all-in-all a good starter bike.

@futurelaker88 When I first saw this question, I could almost see you selling the OP your bike :D

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