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Any one ever purchased smelly water?

Asked by Xilas (825points) August 4th, 2010

I recently bought a gallon of “Drinking Water” from said store, and I opened it up, and to my dismay the water had a foul smell to it. My brother described the taste, saying: “It taste like centipedes…”

The same thing happened from another grocery store.. whats going on with the water…

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How did your brother know what centipedes taste like?

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It may be a cleaning chemical they recently used in the water.. I would suggest calling the company and asking abut it.. It may not be safe to drink.

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Maybe it’s just a bad batch. I’ve only ever once bought a bottle of water that tasted odd (kind of chemically), so i’ve never bought that brand again, just in case.

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Plastic bottle? May be chemicals leaching out of the plastic. This can get worse as temperatures rise. We had pallet loads of foul tasting bottled water during Desert Storm. The pallets sat out in the desert sun, the plastic chemicals mixing with the water.

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I would return it to the store and buy another brand personally. Stop drinking it. Blech!

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well ive tried several brands… and i found one i thought was gonna be consistently good, but it wasnt..

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