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How do the fitness and nutrition industries influence the way we perceive our body image?

Asked by ilvorangeiceblocks (865points) August 5th, 2010

Has anthing really stuck out to you in the last few years that has got you rethinking body image? Do you really think that people should ignore what the industries are saying to try get you to buy their products? Is everything actually exaggerated as much as people say?

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I’m old and maybe wise enough to realize that the models and athletes they use for advertising have physiques that are unattainable at my age and body type. I try to ignore the sales pitch and use proven methods to keep my body as fit as age permits.

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The entire industry IMO does a bang up job of making us feel guilty about being average and we are missing out on not having a perfectly ripped physique. I don’t have that problem but needless to say, if you don’t buy their product you are not as awesomely hot as you could be using their product. Not only will you look & feel better using their product, in just 3 easy payments, your teeth will be whiter, you will get a raise and have lots of hot ripped friends too!

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Being able to ask a great question like this is the first important sign that the influences is already reduced. If we figure out how they do that, the influence gets reduced further.

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The fitness and nutrition industries are trying to make a profit by any means necessary. Most of their spokespeople are either photoshopped or have the best personal trainers and chefs to cater to their bodies. The goal of the general public should be health, not to mimic the look of the people used in advertisements.

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There are plenty of examples of what you’re asking about, but there are also good examples of things which are really trying to help. For instance, I like to read Men’s Health Magazine because of the many helpful articles that they write. They have topics on anything that might interest you so they don’t try and get you to buy anything but their magazine for advice. If you have an interest in getting into better shape, or eating right, they have articles on those, among other things. Then, there are those commercials from companies who are just trying to sell you a product. I think the products speak for themselves. It is best to think about what’s important to you first before you listen to the hype. Hype is what it sounds like: exaggeration for the sake of attraction. The models and athletes used in advertising is the hype. That is, the exaggerated result to attract you into their marketing scheme.

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In ways we are not even aware of, subliminally…

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Greatly if you expose yourself to their marketing.

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I myself, have drawn out the fact that I am the one in control, and will be the one who will monitor everything that goes into my body. I research everything that I consume and strive to be the healthiest I can be as each year passes by me. @ilvorangeiceblocks great question by the way.

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