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If you could only save one person who would it be?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4843points) August 5th, 2010

To people are held hostage along with you. It is your choice. You must kill one of them and the other will be free. The first person is your father or mother or some other older relative that you love very much. The second person is a little kid between the ages of 6–8. You have never met him or her in your whole life. If you don’t choose both will be brutally murdered. You have absolutely no chance of escape and neither do they.

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The kid has to go.

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I think I’d rather that we all die, but if I have to, the child. My parents would never want a child to die instead of them. This is assuming the child is mentally okay. Who’s going to raise the kid? Yeah, maybe we all die.

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Can only save 1 other out of the three people which means 2 are allowed to walk… I would let the child & older relative walk & I would take the bullet…

..Is what I should say, but really – turn the kid around & give him the ‘Of Mice & Men’ speech about acres of land.

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The kid would have to go, unfortunately.

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I’d save the child. No matter what mental health condition.
Kids have their entire lives ahead of them.

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I’d save the child.

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I kill them all! And then I kill all my captors! And then I kill all their countrymen. And when I’m done with that, I go have a Big Mac.~

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It would depend on the situation. Are my captors giving me a gun to shoot whoever I decide to kill? If so, I’d make a decision and they try to take out my captors instead. If I was just picking the person that would end up dead, I would pick myself. If I couldn’t do that, I just wouldn’t make a choice.

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If it were my dad, I’d let the kid go. He is like a stranger to me. If it were my mom, I’d let my mom go.

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If the one person was my mom, and the other was that child, I’d kill the child and let my mom go. but if instead of my mom, there was any other member of my family, I’d kill him/her and let the child go.
and because I know me, I have to say that I’d kill myself first. that way I wouldn’t have to decide

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It’s always about family first.

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You just point to the person that you want to die. You can’t choose yourself to die. And if you don’t choose, both die. No matter what happens you live. At no time do you have a weapon. And at no time are you in striking distance of your captures.

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@daytonamisticrip that’s so unfair. and if I kill one of them, and then hate myself for doing it?

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@daytonamisticrip I wouldn’t make a choice then. If they choose to kill all of us, that was their choice, not mine.

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I would save the kid…my folks would have it no other way plus they are so old they are more than ready for a nice long nap.

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The parents have fulfilled their biological purpose, they may now pass on to the netherworld.
May the child make full use of his/her life’s potential.

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I’d choose myself. I’d rather the others be saved.

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you cant choose you either the older relative, the kid,or both die.

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Sorry, the question is utter balderdash!

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No—wait!! I have an answer. If I knew the kid would grow up to ask a question like this, sayonara kid.

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Most of my family understands the importance of children, without them there is no future, and there would be no joy on this mudball we call earth. The child would live.

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Let all of them die. The punishment of killing many people is far more fatal than just killing few person.

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I would never kill another person under these circumstances. Whether or not there is a chance of escape, I would try.

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Well how about I would be well equipped and would kill the person holding us hostage. Like some 007 shit.

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I would ask my father. He’s there with me and it’s his life we’re talking about” after all

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Unless the kid could impress me by deftly sculpting a wad of gum then it would be them to die.

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I’d walk off. That would suprise the killer for a few seconds..and in those few seconds I’d wipe the floor with him.

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Of course i’d choose my parent, unless they absolutely force me to choose the kid. I don’t put more value on a young life who i don’t know over that of the life of someone older who means a lot to me.

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I would save the fool, and my definition of fool can be both singular and plural, and my definition of salvation is death. Yeah, I’m that badass. Guess what I mean.

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