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Can anyone live with out friends?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 5th, 2010

The title says it all. Can anyone out there live without friends? I know I couldn’t, but I try not to have so many friends in my school online… It’s fine with me. What about everyone else? Can you live without friends?

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Oh yes, but not for me! I love my friends. They bring me joy and vise versa, hopefully.

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For a long time my only friend was my Dad who lives far away. it wasn’t until 2 years ago i trusted and cared for another person.

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It’s okay my dad was never my best friend since he left me when I was 2. But I know my family are my friends.

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The rest of my family are pot smocking alcoholics who constantly emotionally abuse me. They have no love for me and i have no love for them.

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Some people can live completely alone, but I think they end up going a little mad. We are social creatures designed to live with others including friends.

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I’m sure they can live that way, but it’s not much of a life.

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I know a few people who are happy with their lives but however consider everyone as merely just acquaintances, people they could severe all ties with in a heartbeat.

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Yes! I am a shy person and have difficulties meeting new people. My only friend was mom, but now I have a lot of friends and I am really grateful that I stepped out of my shell:):)

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some people perfer solitude. especially if everyone else on the entire planet “just doesn’t get you”.

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I just don’t like people and don’t have respect for human beings

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most people that is

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@daytonamisticrip as you get older, you will see things differently. There are a lot of nice people in this World. But, having said that, can understand where you are coming from on this issue. Having friends, that are “true blue,” makes life more fun. As you mature, you will be able to see the ones that are fake. They stick out like a “sore thumb!”

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I’d say, it’s individual. Personally, I don’t need much interaction with friends in my life. I attract depressed people. I hate to put it like that but it’s genetic? I think it’s because they gradually find I don’t push them away so they stick. Others shy away from them but I find them interesting and we do support one another. So much for “joy” right?
If they or I should say when they are tormented by a problem they can come to me with it and not fear rejection. I think I’m a Magnet for the Miserable or something. Misery is on tonight btw

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My closest friends live in different states. I hate drama. So sometimes peace and zen is the better option than being a social butterfly.

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I honestly think I could live without my friends I have now in school. They don’t do anything. I’m use to being alone anyways….But that being said the only reason I can is because all of my friends have lied to me so many times that I don’t need them anymore. I don’t respect them as people they’re nothing to me honestly is how I see them in my light.

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If all of your “friends” have lied to you and you don’t respect them as people I wouldn’t feel they’re entitled to be called your friends. If you want real friends, you can make new ones. Don’t be sad or depressed over it; maybe they just don’t deserve you . You sound like a sensitive individual who needs a different type of friend.

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The one thing i hate most in people is lying

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I don’t know what you refer as friends here. If what you mean is other people outside your family then answer is no. One cannot survive in his/her early ages without the help of his/her parents. There are still some anti-social people out there,this is where the “Homo homini socius” theory will be tested.

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Oh I wouldn’t want a life without friends. I love them too much

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This very similar question drew many interesting comments. Take a look.

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Some people (extreme introverts) probably prefer it. But I would hate it.

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Regardless of how naturally introverted a person may be, without strong connections to other people, it’s like them having a diet missing a few vitamins. They degenerate over time. Humans can survive all sorts of unnatural adversity, but it takes its toll—sometimes it’s small sometimes it’s more than what can be paid.

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I’m sure people do,but they are in my opinion,missing out on alot of joy and asinine thingsXD
I treasure my friends :)

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That answers all my concerns: I’m degenerating. )-:

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No! My only real family are my friends. Not that having just myself would be so awful, but no one is an island! Even Thoreau rejoined civilization and his friends.

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You can, but it won’t be much fun.

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Maybe someone can, but I wouldn’t want to live in the world by myself— Ditto @marinelife‘s response.

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The internet (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) has introduced us to “friends” and “friendships”...that are not what true friendship is about. “Friend me” is a verb now.
I see a lot of teens depressed because they only have 234 friends on Facebook when their best friend has 445 friends.

Those are not true friends . True friends are people that you interact with, go out to ball games with, have dinner with…talk to in person. Friends are there when you need them at two in the morning because your mother died. Friends comfort you when you are sad, bring soup to you when you have the flu….accept you warts and all.

I have five very close friends….real friends…and I wouldn’t trade them for one million on Facebook. So, remember that….one real flesh and blood friend that you can count on…even if all you have is one is really a treasure.

I am sure I could live without friends….but it would not be a joyful, fulfilling and happy life.

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Having a single person or two as a true friend (someone who is there for you during the good/bad) is golden. I have had “friends that I always hung out with but when things in my life went real bad (circumstances outside of my control) they were nowhere to be found.

True happiness comes within yourself, no amount of friends will create that for you. If you are not happy with yourself and are seeking friends out of desperation than you risk putting yourself in the company of negative people.

While having a few reliable friends to rely on is better than complete isolation from other people I have also found the famous statement “better off alone than to be in bad company” is very true as well.

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It would be a lonely existence.

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I have friends, but I don’t speak to them that much. I could live that way, but I want a future with at least one girl best friend and my future husband whoever he may be.

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In real life I don’t have too many friends. I like it like that. Privacy. and you can’t get hurt or used that way.Most of my friends live far away.

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I read once upon a time that if you have one good friend in your lifetime you are a lucky individual. I have a couple of good friends and I do consider myself lucky. But I have never needed a great bevy of friends or acquaintances, I am more of a loner. I have my mate and my dogs and I am happy.

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