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Social Networking?

Asked by syz (35649points) March 22nd, 2008

Do you have a favorite (excluding monster-sized sites like Facebook and MySpace)? I’ve heard there are sites for bibliophiles, for social change, and for audiophiles, for example. The problem I’m having is figuring out which ones are friendly, functional, and easy to use. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.

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Bsilver's avatar is one, created for the iPhone/itouch, it looks interesting, but I think it needs more publicity, and could be pretty cool if it had more users

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I suggest you try it is an social networking platform with hundreds of interest communities

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@ bsilver – what’s about??

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If you have an iPhone, iRovr is a great social site!

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@ vanelokz- you’d be better off checking out the about, or faq on the home page than me trying to explain it, I’m not sure I understand it fully myself, lol, I was just pointing out it seems promising, depending on growth.

Vincentt's avatar, definitely. Though the reason I love it is probably not so much about the social networking aspect as it is about the personalized radio and music listening statistics and open API’s.

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