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A musical instrument is your only way of communicating with the world. Which do you choose?

Asked by rpm_pseud0name (8208points) August 5th, 2010

Only one rule: You can’t choose piano. :)
(singing doesn’t count either)

Remember, it’s your only form of communication.

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Electric violin for me.

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I don’t even have to think about. The cello. Warm, soulful, mesmerizing.

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The bassoon. A unique instrument for a unique person like me.

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My Fender Stratocaster electric guitar.

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A harp. :)

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It’d be the cello for me.

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For me, a simple slide whistle would probably be the ticket.

@Cruiser Would a “Pig pedal” be considered cheating?

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guitar altough i don’t know how to play :(

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Native American flute for me.

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The violin, or….... a synthesizer lol!

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If my nerves weren’t so messed up I’d stick with the piano. Otherwise the cello

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My first thought was violin. But, maybe a guitar.

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The trumpet or drums – want to make sure I’m heard ;) Wait screw the drums. Don’t wanna have to lug those around.

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hello!!!!!! we are not supposed to choose a piano!

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My Djembe & Burkina Faso bendre drums….collective sound for the collective soul.

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The guitar. You can literally make it talk, and I’ve played for 10 years or so now, so that sounds about right.

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harmonica – easy transport

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I love harmonica…damn..we’ve got a band here….drums, guitars, piano, sax, trumpet, woo hoo!

I have the ‘mysterious sax player’ over here. On summer nights at random somewhere down the mountain the mysterious sax player plays. It’s awesome, sounds drifting through the canyons.

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Piano. I don’t know how to play , but I could easily express feelings with a single note.

Edit: Oops. Should have read details. Guitar then; I can kinda play that.

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No piano?

Electric guitar, then.

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Dang, I was totally going to say piano because I can play it and absolutely love it in music. I guess my second choice would be cello. It has such a great depth to its sound and so much feeling. Absolutely beautiful when played well.

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Cowbell. Imagine me banging that thing whenever I want to say something.


The Chinese Yangqin. The first time I heard it, I couldn’t believe something like that could sound so beautiful. Reminds me of the harp, but better.

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clarinet, i’ve played it for 40 years…..i can play it with soul
and djembes if my arms didnt have such bad fibro. talking drums in my house 2.

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I love to play with my organ….....either that or the wife’s hooters, honk honk…..or should that be parp parp XD

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A vuvuzela.


Seriously though, I would choose piano. But since I can’t for some arbitrary reason, going down the list of versatile instruments, probably a guitar.

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Benjamin Franklin’s Glass Harmonica , which Mozart wrote for.

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@jerv Pig pedal or Pedalpig would not be cheating it would allow for the beautiful tonal recreation of Ethyl Merman!

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Violin or Bagpipes because both of these instruments can bring out strong emotions in my whether they are happy, sad, lonely, etc.

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acoustic guitar

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Add another vote for the guitar here. I can play a little, but I guess if it was my only form of communication I’d improve pretty quick.

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Probably a violin. I love Vanessa Mae’s music.

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@NaturallyMe I had never heard Vanessa Mae’s music before…she is very good and very beautiful! Thanks for mentioning her!! :)

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Definitely cello. I used to play until my mom threw it out a window (she was frustrated because she though I didn’t practice enough), and no other instrument I’ve touched has been able to express ‘me’ as well as the cello did.

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@Cruiser You’re welcome! :D

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A triangle ..ding!

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<Fade to black> ^^ Anaad, that’s our cue to leave everyone. The show is over. Don’t forget to tip your waitress!

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The celesta.

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Guitar or bass.

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This is tough because it is really, really close between cello and bassoon. I have played the bassoon and I’m in love with the sound, it’s so deep and I love the reediness, plus it’s a weird instrument for a weird girl (me). Also, being close to the instrument while it’s played, I love the vibration and the quality of the sound. If I could afford one, I would totally play the bassoon.

I am really horrible with string instruments, so the cello to me is like a starving person looking through a store window at a display of pies and cakes. Can’t have it, but want it so bad… it’s one I wish very much I could play fluently. I love the sound, so deep, soulful, expressive.


What I actually play is the flute, which is funny, because I don’t think it’s me at all. I’ve also dabbled in oboe and bassoon.

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The daxophone of course. You know it brings all the boys to the yard.

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