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"The one thing I know is that I know nothing." Agree or Disagree?

Asked by Winters (5849points) August 6th, 2010

Quote from Socrates stating that one’s ‘wisdom’ is determined by the awareness of his or her own ignorance.

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I disagree because one’s awareness of their own ignorance doesn’t presuppose that one knows nothing. I know myself, I know love, I know labor pains and depression, I know history and activism and people – so, in this case, sorry, Socrates, you lose.

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I agree, mostly because no matter how much I think I know, and even if any of it is actually correct, if I may use that word, it’s fuckall compared to the slew of things out there that I don’t get; no matter how much I think I do. If I don’t know anything, at least at the very least, I know that.

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How could you possibly know that?

I think it is safe to say we never absolutely know anything in this plane of existence, including that we can’t absolutely know that we never absolutely know anything in this plane of existence. But we do know a good number of things beyond any reasonable doubt.

BTW, with regards to Socrates, we do know know beyond any reasonable doubt that he was right about his knowing nothing. :-)

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@ETpro You say planes of existence, I’m curious, and not just beyond my four years of Dungeons & Dragons sessions; what other planes might there be?

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@Symbeline I don’t know that there are any. My best guess is there are not. But that’s probabilistic guess based on what we know about how life began and how the mind works. That is one guess where I definitely know I could be wrong—in fact, where I hope I am wrong.

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@ETpro I like and respect you; but I also hope that, for this one, you’re wrong, too. :)

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As the infamous ‘they’ say…..the three hardest words to utter for most people are ” I don’t know.”

I’m perfectly okay with knowing what I know and not knowing what I can’t know. lol

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I disagree, because obviously i know SOMETHNG. I don’t doubt that i know very LITTLE of what there is to know, though.

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Duh…gee I dunno T.C!! I guess that answers that…....sort of ;¬}

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Agree, once you begin to believe that you know things, you slowly become less receptive, more close-minded

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Agree. We all know nothing, and once we agree with this, we know one thing. So agreeing is the essence to start understanding.
But then you’ll ask yourselfes: ‘Why do we think that we do know a lot? ’ It’s because that’s our soul which is thinking, but thinking is not knowing. Thinking leads to understanding. Knowing is in this context goddess.
We know we know nothing.

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