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If you could ask someone anything you like what would you ask him or her?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 6th, 2010

Okay for everyone on here. If you could ask anyone in the world dead or alive what would you ask that person and why and who? Easy as that right? Honestly my question would be quiet simple. It would go out to the one that I mentioned on my profile Amber I would ask her “do you really like me, or was it just a lie?” Yep that would be it. nothing special. It can be anything normal,crazy,sexual,unusual,helpful etc….I don’t know, but what would you guys ask ,why and who?

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I would ask Yukio Mishima why he killed himself.

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I would ask Amelia Earhart if she was happy with her landing spot.

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It’s an extremely difficult question; so many people in history, no many people currently involved in so many things, but for starters, right off the top of my head, I would ask Bill Clinton why he couldn’t manage to keep his pants zipped, considering he might have held most important job in the world, long enough to do the job without incident.

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I would talk to Carl Sagan. I don’t care what my question is.

For someone alive, “Would you like to go to lunch some time?”

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I’d ask my friend if the feelings I had for him were reciprocated.

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too many people I want to know about = too many questions.
I don’t know.

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I would ask my best friend that died a year ago for relationship advice. He was always good at it.

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I would ask Roger Patterson (now deceased) if it was genuine or a setup.

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For starters: What lead my maternal grandmother’s father’s father and his family to leave Germany in the 1800’s to settle in South Australia. Was it the situation in Germany at that time, or other reasons.

Of course there are many family members as well as other people I have numerous questions to ask in a similar vein, as well as people known in history.

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@Sarcasm I would ask Carl Sagan a question that required the longest answer, lol. Dude’s voice is amazing. no homo

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Patrick Swayse- I would ask if he would lke to dance?

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To Hitler : Like you know you’re fucking crazier than a coconut right? Alternatively to Angelina Jolie : When, just when exactly are you going to return my calls?

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@ucme Thanks for the morning laugh. Good one.

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@Afos22 no homo.

That’s too bad, you were starting to sound kinda cute :).

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To the very first girl i was engaged to….......why did you call off our wedding? she gave no explanation then and i am still wondering today…......why?

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I’d ask my grandpa what he wanted me to do with his ashes, I think he wanted them dumped at sea, but I’m not sure. Dont like seeing him stuck in the storage unit. That’s it I’m gonna take him out to sea, he would have wanted at least that, deserve that.

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Why did you eat the fruit?

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How do you sleep at night?

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I’d ask jesus if it was true or if he was just screwing with us like that episode of family guy.

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Where’d you bury all the gold?

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