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Do you analyze or react when something upsets you?

Asked by BarnacleBill (16073points) August 7th, 2010

When something goes wrong, do you take the time to analyze what’s happened, why people have acted a certain way, and why it bothers you so much, or do you just react to the emotional stimulus?

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I put him in a big slingshot and hurl him into the sun.

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I react quickly (depending on the situation, of course)....then pull back…..go into a room, lock the door….then analyze.

If I am in a public place, or with someone and I don’t want them to know how bothered I am…..I will not react. I will walk away and then do the same above things.

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I slowly raise one buttock, let out a silent but violent fart &.......poof the issue’s blown away to the winds. XD

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I might have instant feelings on something, but I don’t act on them until I analyze the situation.

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Things will always bother me as I care enough about them to allow it to do so. As far as the people involved…I have learned people are people and there will always be disappointments involved as long as I choose to allow them into my life or work with me in my company. So I have also learned that in order to get the best out of people you have to allow for the less than best and even the worst sometimes. Doing so acknowledges a person for simply being human at times….you help them see the error of their ways and or judgments and that will almost always pay it forward towards smarter decisions and stronger efforts next time.

To do otherwise is truly throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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Analyze while reacting

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I get really upset and react like crazy!
But later I apologize and think things over.

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I absorb the situation, then decide the best way to react. I never act on impulse.

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I analyze to the point of defensiveness when I’ve been made upset.

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I wish I didn’t react as often as I do. I am getting better at holding my tongue when I get heated… especially at work. I am always analyzing everything though, probably some of why I can overreact at times. ehk…

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@gravity, I usually hold my tongue, too, especially at work. Recently, I snapped and totally went off in a meeting at a coworker who was not working on my project, but dictating what should be done and criticizing the path taken my the team working on it. In 36 years of working, I have never had a disagreement with a coworker that wasn’t resolved by me positioning them for a promotion or a job at another company, and making them disappear. I immediately told my manager what happened and apologized to the other people in the meeting for being put in the position of witnessing that sort of exchange. We have resolved it by not talking to each other at all. I have to say I don’t miss interactions with her.

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Depends…some situation call for immediate action while thinking. It is a reaction. For example, a person in burning car….you analyze and react at the same time. Think this has already been said, but with different rhetoric.

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I tend to react and then analyze later. I’m trying to get better about it, though.

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I react then analyze. Gets me in trouble at times..

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i analyze to try to make myself feel better.

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I tend to over-analyze and then get it all wrong anyway.

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i may react but, appropriately to the situation then I go and analyze. And if I’m not satisfied and vengence starts creeping up in my mind, and go and act again :)

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I try to analyze before I react but it takes some time for me to clearly think about the whole situation. Mostly, I just try to prevent myself from immediately making it worse than it already is.

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Like @DarlingRhadamanthus wrote, I tend to go quiet, want to get away from the situation and the like @lapilofu I over analyze and get it all wrong to where I upset myself far beyond the initial situation. A common reaction to my freaked-out-ness is, “you seemed fine, what the hell happened?!” I trying to learn to react on the spot but more appropriately- speak up instead of putting on the all-accepting, all-understanding, all-loving game face as if that’s going to get me anywhere but taken advantage of.

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I’ll deal with the situation, then I’ll go alone and analyze the situation, and then I’ll figure out what I want to do about it.

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I ask questions first and end up “shot”. I probably should shoot first sometimes.

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i shoot first and ask questions later….. only because when i analyze im always right : D

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