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How do you feel about the demise of Triceratops?

Asked by marinelife (62429points) August 7th, 2010

Now, scientists think that Triceratops never existed. Instead, it was a juvenile form of Torosaurus, which is not nearly as cute!

Triceratops were always my very favorite dinosaurs! I am crushed. How do you feel?

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About as hurt as when I learned Pluto is no longer a planet.

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Why can’t they just rename torosaurus instead of saying there aren’t any triceratops? :( It’s my son’s favorite dinosaur too.

My youngest is kind of obsessed with dinosaurs. We have loads of dino books, and have been to the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History many times (it’s only 20 minutes from here). I have actually wondered before if some of ceratopsians might not be the same dinosaur, only at different ages. At the Peabody, they have a triceratops skull very close to a torosaurus skull, and it isn’t hard to see why scientists might be starting to rethink the classification.

The triceratops probably won’t die an easy death. How many people still talk about brontosaurus, even though scientists got that one wrong?

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This is a real crappy way to learn there’s no brontosaurus either.

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Awww, the horny little devil with the parrot face will always remain the cutest dino in my eyes.

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I’m with @cockswain and that is EXACTLY what I said when I heard the news.

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Life is full of disappointments.

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In the news stories I’ve read, Triceratops is now thought to be an immature form of Torosaurus. In other words, both dinosaurs are actually one and the same species. The name Triceratops, however, has earlier coinage and therefore priority. It’s not triceratops that “disappears” but torosaurus.

We can all remain secure in our childhood acquisition of dinosaur names. And for those who ever read The Enormous Egg, no revisions are necessary!

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Oh! NO That’s Sarah on Land Before Time. Saddened.

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I don’t really care….

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That really stinks..

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The scientifically proper reaction would be: Awesome! We’ve revealed a false belief! :D Our model of the world will be better now.
And to think we’ve all been wrong about the triceratops all this time. How embarrassing. Good thing we found out now, otherwise we could be walking around with the same misconception for years more.

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@Fyrius Yes, but we will miss them! They would have been cool beasts.

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Miss what? They never existed. Nothing is lost.
In fact, even if they ever had existed, they stopped doing so at least 65 million years ago.

And those cool beasts haven’t been disproved, they just turned out to belong to a different species.

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@Fyrius I miss the idea of them. I had a plastic toy glow-in-the-dark Triceratops, a stuffed triceratops.

Also, the new adult beats do not look the same.

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You don’t have to throw away the idea either, if that makes you sad. Just disconnect it from the real world and store it somewhere else.
Dragons were disproved too, and dragon toys and stories are still fun.

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