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How are you? Really. [12]?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37005points) 5 days ago

The numbering may be off. I believe this is the twelfth time I’ve asked this.

I started asking this many years ago, and the last time I asked it was last August. In the US, “how are you?” is a common greeting, and we almost never expect to hear the truth. Most people reply with a banal “fine” and then go back to their business.

So how are you? How are you really doing? How’s life? How’s the family? How’s your job? Tell us.

I am in a very good place personally. I started dating a man 3 months ago, and it’s going very well. Very very well actually. We may be travelling together in November.

Professionally, I’m in a state of apprehension. I have a stable job, but there are many things really bad about it. I started looking for other jobs last year. In April, I interviewed for one job, but that was unsuccessful. I currently have 4 applications at various state departments. One application is in a good stage of the process, and I am expecting to hear something about it as early as this week.

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Well the arthritis in my knees is affecting my entire life, so not worth a shit but thanks for asking.

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Very stressed, and a little sad.

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I’m in a really happy place after a pretty low point in July. Planning some trips to see my kids in the coming months, taking some courses and making some more commitments in my congregation for the coming year. I’ve also decided that I don’t want to move out of my house for the foreseeable future so that feel settled (for now.)

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In the words of an awesome person, I am Simply Elegant.
Work is great, family is great, friends are amazing, Just closed on a Queen Anne Victorian house on an island in Maine. Spent the hurricane weekend there painting.
Yep, Simply Elegant.

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I am not unwell. Retirement was the best choice I made in a long time.

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Physically I’m better. Back and stomach got better.

Super busy and stressed though. Working way to much (teaching 8 classes at four different colleges). It was a rough summer financially too, so playing catch up.

20 months until the kid graduates college, then I can (hopefully) cut back on some of the work.

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Not too great. I just found out my dog is suffering from congenital heart failure. My first dog died from the same thing. I was happy because my son is finally moving back to the states come November but then this happened and I’m not so excited about the future because it means less time for my pup.

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@Pandora Sending a hug.

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@janbb Thanks. Kind of wished I didn’t see this question because it reminded me once more of something I’m trying not to feel. After my first dog, I didn’t want another dog because it was too painful and here I am once again 10 years later. Realistic me says a dog will always have a shorter life. But my heart still screams no. Not this short. I need more time. I really was wishing she would be one of those 17 year olds that would just die peacefully in her sleep because she was too old. But she still feels like a pup to me.

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Still severely disabled from long post-COVID vaccine syndrome. I’ve spent over $15k on my medical expenses just so far this year, which is more than I am able to make in a year. Our finances are a mess, our marriage is strained. I am really not able to work at all but we just can’t afford to get by without what little I bring in. I believe I am starting to develop auto-immune conditions (not yet showing on bloodwork) and have a number of re-activated and opportunistic infections. I am angry and sorrowful and largely unable to participate in family life, unable to have friendships or get together with people. I am deeply lonely. I think about death a lot. I see people like me on Twitter (I won’t call it X) die pretty regularly now and I worry that I will die before my children are grown. I feel like a burden and struggle to find what “value” I have in this state.

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@Cupcake Words fail to come to address the sorrow I feel at your situation. I will only say in Hawaiian, malama pono (take good care spoken from the heart).

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Doing relatively ok but I have been better. I’m recovering from surgery to repair a ruptured distal bicep tendon. I have learned to do quite a lot with my left arm in the last couple weeks. I get out of my cast Friday. Like others, finances are strained at the moment from medical bills, a few black swan events that cost $$ and just crushing inflation making us count every penny when we go to the grocery store. My wife has not had to work in years is now looking for work. I’m finishing my last semester in graduate school while dealing with a huge workload from my job and this bum arm. We lost our furry friend this summer to a seizure. She was the best dog. Things are crappy now but will be much better this spring.

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I’m doing great. I have been steadily recovering from some really messed up emotional problems. The solution for that was a fresh start. I have been working with my support group and they have taught me coping skills and the right attitude to not let things bother me. I have also been making new friends around the Internet, and to be honest I really enjoy my time with them. The combination of the right help and the expanded social circle have greatly benefitted me. At least I’m no longer constantly depressed about life anymore :)

I have not been here as often because I’m busy with work, recovering and socializing. Fluther is still my home, no doubt about it, but I am discovering new things right now and there is still so much new things and excitement waiting for me :)

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I put my house up for sale, and got a full price offer, but turned it down because of the conditions the asked.
My memory is struggling, and I sometimes find myself unable to find the tight words.
I have a new grandchild on the way, which makes me very happy.

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Congratulations to all the Jellies who are doing well and on new adventures and ((HUGS)) to everyone who is struggling in some way.

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Pretty well. Struggling a little financially, been a hard year with a lot of emergencies (both dogs, both cars, dryer went out, broken tooth, etc…) But if money is our only problem, after some of the responses, we are blessed. :)

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Apartment is a perfect temperature. I’m happy, and having a good week.

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