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What do you think of Luna Lovegood?

Asked by mineown (438points) August 7th, 2010

If I could to pick any fictional character to be with, then it would be Luna Lovegood. I want to know what you guys think of her, and to see who other people might choose.

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Looking at your “romance” tag, I think you must mean “to be with” as more than just keeping company. Is that right? That makes a difference in how we understand the question, so I want to be clear on what you mean.

I like Luna very much. She is completely honest and genuine, and she doesn’t worry about how other people perceive her. I hoped she would get together with Neville, another true and stalwart heart, before the series was done, and I was kind of disappointed that she didn’t.

[Edit] Rowling’s choice of name for her gives her a kind of angelic quality anyway, even beyond her apparently ethereal nature. You knew from the first moment that this one was special and perhaps even pure, without evil. Your choice speaks well of you.

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Luna is a breath of fresh air when the stories get quite stressful. Her narration of the Quiddich tourneyment in the 6th book was hysterical.
In the films, she has been recognized as being quite a bit of fun, which made it easy for the filmmakers to add her to bits she wasn’t a part of in the books. While I prefer that the books be filmed as written, I can see the appeal to enlarge her character.

As for romance, I am on Team Hermione.

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She was my favourite character in the series, (Never saw any of the films.) and so I was a bit saddened that her role seemed pretty minor most of the time, and that her person, while it being the point, was pretty much relegated to Harry’s perception. He gets annoying quick, so her character seemed kind of ruined at times since he’s so pig headed and not all that open minded. still though, she had plenty of moments and I loved them all.
I’m not being negative though, I just think she should have her own series lol. Neville is one lucky bugger. :D

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I meant to be together romantically, like in a relationship. And I was dissappointed that she had a small part too. But like, I wish I could find a real life Luna Lovegood.

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@mineown And I wish I could find a real life Hagrid, but I guess we just can’t have it all. :D

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Why Hagrid? Not making fun of you. Just curious.

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@mineown Well physically he’s a bit scary, but I totally loved his personality. A little too childish at times, but he has a good heart and is an honest man. Plus, getting drunk and hatching dragons, that’s someone I could have fun with. :D
What about you? Why Luna? (Either way, she’s a damn fine choice. :) )

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@Symbeline I’d be glad to introduce you to my ex-BIL. He’s about as close as you could get to a real-life Hagrid.

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Luna because shes so odd and ecentric. Doesnt take shit, just does what she does. that’s kinda like me. Like I get criticized for being short and jewish (among other things) on a regular basis. So like we both take a lot of crap from people all the time but just kinda carry on.

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You get criticized for being Jewish? and short? What sort of people do you hang around with? They sound like folks who need a good shaking up.

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Well my friends joke about it a bit. But I meet alot of girls who hate one or the other or both.

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I love Luna Lovegood! She is really awesome. She is also a fantastic friend who seems to be able to handle absolutely anything without fear! Maybe she should have been a Gryffindor. :)

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