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What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Asked by gravity (3116points) August 8th, 2010

Have you thanked them for it?

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About 7½ years ago, my wife carried and delivered my two beautiful boys. Without any provisions the kindest and best thing anybody ever did that I benefitted from.

I thank her every day. :-)

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My 13 yr old son surprised me for my birthday by fixing my very first electric guitar I got when I was his age. He took it apart, rewired all the electronics, put new strings on, adjusted the neck and bridge….I mean a top to bottom makeover. I was so surprised and the look of pride on his face as I strummed that first cord was priceless.

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A church helped me pay my rent one time.When my check was short because I was sick. Yes.. I thanked them profusely. I did not have to pay it back they just said to pass on the kindness I always give and help out with food or money, when I can because someone was so kind to me. I have been there.

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My high school coach taking me under his wings and practically raising me. Yes, I’ve thanked him many times.

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My maternal grandfather started the legal proceedings to get me away from his neglectful daughter and her abusive husband, whose equally abusive brother stayed in the same house. If he hadn’t, I surely would have died in that home before I was 5 at the hands of those men.

I didn’t get a chance to thank him properly, even though he had no idea that the other daughter he caused me to live with would become mentally unstable and create a host of other issues, but I recognize that the did the best he could at the time. He died when I was 9 and my aunt’s condition worsened after that.

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When I was growing up I never had interest in school, me and my friends would go to her house and stay there until school time was finished and then I would walk home and tell everyone that I went to school. My mother didn’t know anything about this until like after 4 weeks. She got so upset with me and sent me to the village where my grandparents live. I lived with them almost my whole life until when I was in the 7th grade that’s when I moved to Iceland with my mom. Now I am starting Pre-IB. I am very lucky to have a teacher/knowledgeble family. I am going to really do my best in my IB and stuff, I don’t want to suffer when I grow up.

p.s I love school-I am a nerd and I am proud of it!

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For the last six years there have been many opportunities for people to do kind things for me, and they’ve always been thanked.

But the kindest would have to be from a woman who I kind of worked with. When my wife died I was totally lost. I didn’t know what to do, didn’t even know where to start. The majority of my family is up in NJ, they didn’t care for my wife, and it was difficult getting information in a timely manner.

But this woman called people for information, scheduled things for me, gave me advice, called me to remind me of things I had to do, gave me and kids food (and it was good!)... And at work, even though we don’t technically work for the same people, she did a lot of things I didn’t know about—including calling HR and letting them know what was going on and, from what I can tell because no one will tell me outright, saving my job because I missed a lot of days of work. I’ve thanked her, many times, but I never feel it’s enough.

On a related note, I had five days to vacate the house the kids and I were living in. It was a furnished house, which was good but there was no way I could find a place for me, three cats, two birds and four kids in five days. That’s why I had to give them up. But when I did find a place I called a service here where unemployed people wait around for something to do. I said I needed help moving and had to do it fast.

They sent two guys who were amazing. I told them what was going on and that I would be practically useless to help them. They said, “You point, we’ll move. Don’t worry about it.” So I did, and they did. They even got things I had forgotten about, packed a bunch of stuff. They were like mind readers. And, yeah, they got thanked too.

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15 or 16 years ago, my step-daughter got deeply involved with drugs and gangs. She ended up manufacturing meth, and selling it. She claimed child abuse, because I slapped her for screaming at her mother. My wife and I had to go to court to defend ourselves, and to keep custody of our other kids. It was a tramatic, stressful time.
A friend of mine felt terrible about what happened to us, and saw its impact on us. She paid for a vacation for my wife and I to take with our kids to Disneyland. We refused it, at first, but she wore us down, and it was exactly what my family needed at that time.
I have thanked her many times, and I still feel over-blessed by her.

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The kindness thing someone did for me was giving me a chance

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The kindest things done for me aren’t things you thank people for.

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@zophu any examples?

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@ninahenry Prejudice and misunderstanding put to the side to give a person a chance. To thank would be to show acceptance of that prejudice and misunderstanding. But for most people, looking past these all-consuming things is the kindest thing they can do.

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The kindest thing anyone has done for me is gently tell me when I am wrong and still love me.

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I can share quite a few examples of kindnesses given, but one that comes to mind was when I was going through a difficult divorce and my best freind surprised me by coming and packing my entire house while I was at work one day. This was some years ago now but it is one of the outstanding gestures I will never forget.

I came home to everything packed and labeled and ready for the movers after spending a year in the old home after my divorce until I found a new home for that fresh start. :-)

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The kindest person I have ever known is my grandma. She raised me like her own daughter while my parents were divorced for a few years until my mom’s life stabilized and she remarried. I never got a chance to properly thank her.

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@Pied_Pfeffer – and no doubt one of the hardest things your friend has had to do.

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My best friend gave his life for me.

When I see him again, I will tell him that because of him, there are 15 people in the world who are compassionate, loving, intelligent and honorable.

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Many people have done kind things for me—too numerous to recall—but here are two that instantly leap to mind.

Back in the ‘70s, I needed a series of blood infusions. A co-worker and friend with my blood type volunteered to donate it, and even though the procedures were long and painful, he stuck to them without complaint.

More recently, a friend who knows how much I love my house gave me, as a birthday gift, a custom-built replica of it in the form of a small birdhouse. Best gift I ever got.

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When my daughter had no place to live my husband bought a house and had it remodeled for her. She left it and he built a nicer one from the ground up. She dumped that, he sold it , and she resented him for it .
No good deed ever goes unpunished.

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Many people have shown me incredible kindness throughout my life.
A teacher of mine spent 2–3 weeks after classes with me to help me catch up in time for exams. I’d missed a lot of school after my brother died. I thanked her at the time for her kindness.
I’ve occassionally had my phone topped-up by an anonymous friend
I was visiting a doctor I knew and upon telling him I’d had an operation a few weeks beforehand, he phoned a holisitc supply store and had herbs posted to my home, which he charged to his own card.
People are so good.

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@stardust a kind teacher! Good stuff!

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An amazing young woman is hauling me out of the pit of depression.

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This is tough because people have done so many nice things for me over the years but I’ll try to pin something down.

1.) I once had an unplanned surgery and my recovery was going to mess up a long planned visit from my mother and sister who were expecting me to drive them along the CA coast for a week. My ex husband and his wife insisted that he’d take the time and do the driving so we could have our outing. That was big.


2.) My now bf sat me down one night over dinner when we just dating and said he wanted to help me somehow get out of my current job and either back into what I was doing before or something else even I hadn’t had opportunity to try yet. I accepted his good intentions and appreciated his admiration for me but wouldn’t let him help at that point because I’m weird about help and money, especially if romance is involved. I still love his big squishy heart.

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My dad took me to see Barbra Streisand for my 21st birthday present. I know he probably couldn’t afford it but he knew that it was my biggest dream. I have thanked him for it a million time and it’s definately what makes him the worlds best dad!


My s/o wanting me to father her children. I think that’s the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. And I am thankful for that each day when I see my two little ones’ cute smiles and hear their cheerful sweet laughter. (I hope I didn’t gag you with a spoon with my sentimental answer! Lol.)

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Let God work through them to help keep me alive until the ambulance arrived, and were the first in a long chain of people God used to keep me
alive. Unfortunately will probably never get to say thank you, but they have my eternal thanks.

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