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Fill in the blank: "I've always wanted to ____".

Asked by bob_ (19685points) August 9th, 2010

Inspired by this question. I guess some would list the same things, while others would list things they’ve done and they’d like to repeat. In any case, what’s something you’d like to do?

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shit on my bosses desk.

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eat a banana that ripened on the tree.

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“Always” is a long time. I can’t think of anything that fits that bill. If you had said , “I’ve wanted to __ for quite a while” it would be ride my bike. (too hot)

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I’ve always wanted to get in a cab and say ‘follow that car!’

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try double penetration and skydive (not at the same time…although…).

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I’ve always wanted to:

Write a play or novel
Be an actor
Find a soul mate
Go back in time
Die peacefully in my sleep when my time comes

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@ChazMaz Your answers are always Outrageous. LOL

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Do the Argentine Tango.woof! :)

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Back a 747 up to my neighbors house and hit the throttle wide open. Let’s see him try and smoke his cheap cigars now huh?

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

- Live in Costa Rica for a few months.
– See a (good) tribute band. Like Hell’s Belles, an all female AC/DC tribute band.
– Drink in an Irish pub (actually in Ireland).

mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe's avatar

have lots of true friends
be taken seriously
have fun
become famous

Facade's avatar

have my own circle of friends

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Learn how to swing and jitterbug.
Go ice skating.
Learn a really awesome form of martial arts. Like Ving Tsun Kung Fu.


Good tribute band: “Them” – the King Diamond tribute band. I’ve never heard such a great “Graaaandmaaaaaaah!” from anyone other than King himself in my life.

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go back in time in a time machine and preferrably stay there(in bygone years).

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

Fly a jet fighter. (And shit on Chaz’s boss).

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Well, I don’t want to be stung by a bee or break a limb but I’m all right with having a threesome.
Also, I, too, have always wanted to do some time travelling.

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I’ve always wanted to go to a Rammstein concert.

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go scuba diving.

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Make you a sandwich for real. I’d make you a limburger cheese and liverworst sandwich with strawberry jelly and hot peppers.

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…visit the set where my favorite T.V. show is taped.

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Sail across the Pacific on a 50’ ketch.

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@JilltheTooth Sounds like a fabulous dream…I hope you get to some day!

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I’ve always wanted to drive from NYC to Redondo Beach, CA.

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DP Simone De Beauvoir.

Or drive across the country.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

Between Simone and Blackberry I have all kinds of bad thoughts bouncing around inside my head.
Edit: Maybe not so bad after all :)

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…be a singer in a rock & roll band (and none of that background chick “doot dootdoot doot doot doot de doot doooo!” stuff, either).

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Be a stuntman in a movie. I would of course have access to all the girls I want. Ssshh don’t let on to the wife.

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—take part in a revolution (preferably to better the American government)
—speak at least 5 languages fluently

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I’ve always wanted to fill in the blank.

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@BoBo1946 In the words of Mr T, I pity the fool!

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… live completely off the grid in a beautiful woods.

…. visit a third world country to do volunteer work, such as with the red cross or Peace Corpse.

…. spend a month in complete solitude without work, phones, televisions, or any distractions and go all Thoreau ish.

…. be happy and healthy physically and mentally

… have inner peace apart from all external circumstances

….be a better person than I am. Bad me.

…. make tons of art

….. design and build my own home and furniture

…. move to Canada or Alaska . If neither one is possible then Siberia.

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…see the following bands live: Maiden, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Electric Wizard and Possessed

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…answer this specific question.

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I’ve always wanted to go back to the Netherlands and have a kaassouffle.

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dye my hair blue.

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I’ve always wanted to have another threesome with women that I dig.
I’ve always wanted to have a child.
I’ve always wanted to sleep in an old castle in Ireland.
I’ve always wanted to live in New York City.

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@jjmah Me too!

Except for, I would like to go back to NYC to live.

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Lmao….ok Bobalu!!!!

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…have a crowd cheering my name.

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@rpmpseudonym YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hip hip hurray for Richard!!!! now, we need one more person to cheer to make it a crowd!

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yay will that do? I haven’t been on many threads with @rpmpseudonym so I cautiously round out your crowd.

rpm_pseud0name's avatar

@JilltheTooth How have we not crossed paths yet? All you need to know is that I’m a delightful person who has been snuck into the 10k mansion by an ‘anonymous’ passerby. Either way – thanks for cheers, both of you.

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I’ve not even been here 2 weeks yet, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other! I’m a pretty delightful person, too, BTW! So, on the basis of all that, I amend my previous answer to YAY!

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Hip Hip Hoorarpmpseudonym!!!!
and now it’s a threesome, even better.

I’ve always wanted to sit in with Bruce Hornsby on my clarinet during “Fortunate Son”.
I’ve always wanted to be a good improvisationalist.
I’ve always wanted world peace.
I’ve always wanted Music to rule the world.

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I do want to add right now, I have no interest in having a threesome because I am madly in love with my girlfriend and I’m a one woman woman.

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drive a tractor

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fart in front of an etiquette coach – really, though, what a sinfully boring job.

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I’ve always wanted to….speak in every language

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meet my true love whom I conjure up.

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I’ve always wanted to walk down the Grand Canyon. My plane leaves next Tuesday.

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I’ve always wanted to fly to London have a few pints of Ale. Some Fish & Chips. Sing some songs with with the locals. Ya know, just pissin the night away.
Then get on a plane, the next day, and come home.

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take a ‘round the world cruise. Holland America is nice, I’ve heard. But I cannot envision being away from the dogs that long.

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