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If you could do one major renovation or home project what would it be?

Asked by Kelly27 (1501points) April 6th, 2009

Would you want to remodel the kitchen, add a sun room…
If money was not an obstacle what would you love to add/change in your home?

FGS and I are doing all sorts of home projects right now and I love it. :)

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I LOVE home projects too. We went through a difficult time in our family. Someone suggested we paint the walls. They were off white, bleck. So we did and it lifted our spirits so much. It is such a healthy way to lift ones spirits.

If I had no obstacles I think my one home project would be to add a jacuzzi tub to my bathroom, one big enough for tall people, lol. That is just off the top of my head. Although I am thinking solar panels would be nice too.

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Right now we are laying 1700 sq/ft of brick floors ourselves… since we’re doing it ourselves we could afford to do more square footage and we are adding value and beauty to our home. It is labor-intensive, but easy. I suggest it!

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I love home improvements! I’m slowly doing one room at a time, budget permitting.
My dream renovation would be an addition off the back family room, two stories. The upstairs would be a master bedroom, master bath. The downstairs would be enlarging the family room and adding floor to ceiling windows on the side facing the pool.

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@RedPowerLady Solar panels were something we had discussed as well. Sounds like an expensive investment but I think in the long run it would be a great idea. :)

I love painting and rearranging a room, an inexpensive way to get a whole new feel in a room

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Our entire yard needs the lawn restored and the sprinklers fixed. It has gone to weed and ruin for the past five years. Oh, and a baby fence put around the pool.

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We got a great deal on a fixer upper 14 years ago on a nice little piece of land. We’re still fixing her up. We started with new siding, windows and landscaping. Now it’s time to work on the inside. We will probably work on the bathroom next.

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Brick floors? I am not sure I know what that really looks like, I might just google that to check it out. :)

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@elijahsuicide That is kinda what we have been doing, a little at a time, a room at a time. I bet the family room will look great with floor to ceiling windows. :)

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Dumping this home and building my dream home in WA. I had it all planned out…until the housing market tanked :>(

Now we’ll be lucky to live in a yurt up there!

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@YARNLADY Getting that perfect green lawn seems to me to be a never ending quest. Why must it be so hard to get a great lawn.
Anyone here have any great suggestions for getting that perfect lawn?

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@jonsblond I would love someday to buy a fixer upper, maybe not even to live in but to buy it and flip it just because I like doing it so much. :)

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@crisw Are you planning on moving soon?

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I’m a renter so I’m limited… I’d love to put better shelving in my closet and fix up my sorry excuse for a bathroom. My dream is to have one of those amazingly organized closets (and to be able to hire someone to keep it that way).

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@Likeradar Renting can be hard as far as the limitations but I bet there is a lot you can do in that is not permanent as far adding shelving and getting more storage space.
My closet is always a mess….I would love to have a huge walk in closet with lots of storage for everything

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My husband and I bought a super neglected home several years back. We gutted it and renovated. (lucky the outside needed work, but the inside was far worse than the outside!)

It’s a craftmans style home – lots of built-ins, lots of wonderful spaces. The kitchen was a disaster area. Evidently, the wife died first. The husband just really let the inside go, after that. After they died, their sons took things out of the house – anything of value. Which is fine, but in doing so, they damaged a lot of things!

We got some help in the kitchen, but did everything else, ourselves. If I never strip, re-stain and seal a hardwood floor, again, it will be too soon! We did love most of the work, we got to put our own special touches in the house.

This year, we plan on redoing the garage and apartment above the garage. My husband does a lot of side work out of the garage – so I want him to be happy!

Later this summer, we plan on breaking ground on our land. We want a place out away from the city area. We have several acres and they are calling our names! Here we go, again!

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@Kelly27 I want synthlawn, that way we wouldn’t have to worry about sprinklers, or mowing, or anything more than blowing the leaves off in the fall. We got an estimate for it, and for the natural stuff, and both were nearly the same.

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We were planning on selling our house here in 2010. Now, we may be lucky to do it by 2014…and even luckier to break even, let alone make a profit. And we didn’t even buy at the height of the So. CA market…folks who did are even more screwed.

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@cak Even though it sounds like you did a lot of hard work I bet it was so much fun and so satisfying to see the end results. :)
Good luck on the new projects.

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@Kelly27 You’re right… I’m moving out soon-ish (October) so I don’t want to invest only to leave. It’s on in my next place though!

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@YARNLADY What is synthlawn?

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Slate stone floors. When I bought my mom the house, we tore up the carpeting in anticipation of beautiful stone but my ex didn’t come through with my $ so we’re on tint stained cement right now.

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@crisw That really sucks. :( I remember you mentioning something about this a while back. Hopefully some miracle happens and the housing problems get better in the near future, I know a lot of people are really taking a hit from all this.

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@Kelly27 You would like our house then! There is so much to do, but it’s worth it. After a long day, we can sit in the backyard and look out into the woods and be thankful for what we have. Thankful that our mortgage isn’t sky high also!

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@VzzBzz Ohhh…that would look really nice!

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@VzzBzz – how did it turn out? We’ve thought about stained concrete counters for the cabinet counters in the new house.

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@VzzBzz I’m considering putting cement countertops in, how does the floor hold up for you? I don’t want granite for sure. I like soapstone but hear it isn’t durable.
@cak great minds think alike!

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It’s just the cement foundation that was underneath the carpet padding, not very fancy looking at all but the paint and throw rugs make it look ok.

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@elijahsuicide – So far I’ve really liked the counters I’ve seen – really interesting and some really pricey! We’re staying in the median range…not the super pricey ones!

@VzzBzz – you know what, I think your creative thinking is pretty cool, though. It may not be what you want, yet – but you’ll get there! That sounds like a good alternative, for now. Hey…I lived on the concrete sub-floor for a little while, I couldn’t find a flooring that I liked and money was getting tight. Lots of throw rugs! we finally put hardwoods back down in the room in question. I couldn’t afford my other choice!

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I would remodel my bedroom to look like this.

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@3or4monsters I can think of a few uses for that room…

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@Kelly27 It is the new kind of plastic lawn that looks exactly like the real thing. I fell in love with it at the latest Home Show Expo, and went out to the local distributor. It is world’s removed from the old fashion Astro Turf.

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@crisw I’m interested in investing a property in San Diego, is that where you are selling?

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@3or4monsters That would be kick ass :D

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An infinity pool.

Something like that more or less.

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I live in a 1920s Arts & Crafts house that is falling apart around me. It needs a ton of work, but we’ve been doing it little by little. If and when we are ever employed again, the very first thing on the list is the bathroom. It is our only bathroom, is approximately 5×6 feet and has a clawfoot tub in it. It’s so cramped in there that you have to sit on the toilet diagonally! While my kids are still here all the time, we’ll just do a minor revamp of the room’s layout, and repair/replace the surfaces. Once they are out on their own, we’ll steal one of the bedrooms to make a nice big bathroom & walk-in closet addition to our master bedroom.

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I’d redo the kitchen. The cabinets are truly from the 70s. The countertops are a horrorshow of Formica and the tiles on the kitchen floor tiles are starting to loosen. One of them has snapped into three pieces, yet is some how still attached to the floor. And I would remove all the wallpaper that is in the living room and hallway. It’s very, very old now. But.

This isn’t my apartment.

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I would have my wide-board pine floors sanded and refinished. My fantasy is to hire 10 guys and have the whole thing done (including moving a baby grand piano), with two coats of poly. in one day.

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I’d like a new bathroom. I live in a 1960s brick ranch and the main bath is mint green tile with the original fixtures. We have already remodeled in the kitchen with a new ceramic tile floor and new appliances, removed all the old carpet in the rest of the house and refinished the hardwood floors that were under it, and built a back screened porch and hot tub. Lots of landscaping (and yes, it IS hard to get that perfect lawn!) and vegetable gardening and flower planting is done annually, but the biggest thing we did was replace the HVAC. The house had electrical heat strips in each room with each room having its own thermostat. Central heat and air now make the inside comfortable year round.

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Oh, VS reminded me… we don’t have AC. Just 3 window units. I’d love to have central AC!

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..oh replacing the HVAC….that was a mess.

The one thing I did learn, even though we got a lot of things at cost and had friends helping, we were on the back burner, often! Things often took much longer than they should have taken…that part, I don’t miss!

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@3or4monsters ~ and once that little project is done, you’re inviting all of us over for a fluther meet-up, right?

BTW I don’t own my own place yet, but one thing I would change about the house I live in is add a deck/patio area.

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My husband is currently in the process of re plumbing stuff in the basement. We have no water! I do hope he doesn’t quit this project in the middle of it, like he often does, because…I have ta pee!

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@Dutchess12 Oh geez… You let him mess with the plumbing? LOL

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@Dutchess12 Maybe you could take a room at a nearby motel for a few days? That’s what we did while our kitchen and bathroom were being remodled. We even found a place that allowed pets.

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@Kelly27 Tell me about it!! But….he knows what he’s doing. He used to do plumbing for a company he worked for. But dang it—I fergot and used the terlit!

@yarnlady,...nah he’ll be done sometime today. He’s putting in a hose faucet in the back yard (YAY!! We only had 1 and it was on the side of the house and you’d have to have a million feet of hose to get anywhere!) And he’s rehooking the water up to the upstairs bathroom….that he unhooked 5 years ago for some reason….and never finished whatever the reason was that he unhooked it in the first place! @Kelly27 too!

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We bought a house down at the coast last year. We are replacing all the exterior lights with really cool rustic galvanized steel ones that give it a much more coastal/beachy look. After that we are going to replace the interior lights and add some of that board paneling on the walls (not that 70’s stuff!)to give it a more rustic look inside as well.

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A huge new beautiful bathroom. there are so many bells and whistles that you can add to a bathroom nowadays to spruce it up. its completely amazing to me.

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Build a whole house. For years my bf and I have had plans to do this when we win the lottery.

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A new kitchen. A wide, open cooking area that allows me to create and invent and become encased in the aromas. Bright and inviting, inspirational and modern, but with a rustic twist. Cant wait until I get my own house and I can get started.

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can you say hardwood floors?
oh man.
or maybe a wrap around porch.
or like, a bigger bathroom.

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I would tear my entire house down and start over. =D

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@wildpotato that’s weird. We have the exact same plan…

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I would add a second story onto my house, that would have a storage or computer room and an awesome bathroom adjacent to the master suite. Yup.

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A can of gasoline and a match.

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My last project was building a ‘small’ barn and landscaping for my geese.

It is THE custom goose barn of the planet! lol

Has a ‘gooseport’ with overhang and storage, 3 large windows with shutters, Individual ‘stalls’.

I planted smoke trees in the goose corral and put down a huge area of rubber matting for their pools, layed sod and planted numerous potted plants.

The best kept geese in America no doubt!

Yep….told my contractor buddy to build it well because I’d be living in it someday! lol

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Lurve for the gooseport!

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I would knock down the whole darn house and start up about 500 miles away

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@Aesthetic_Mess ^^ great idea – me too.

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A back porch. Some day.

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