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My laptop is infected, and I can't open any applications or programs.

Asked by beccalynnx (459points) August 10th, 2010

I was browsing facebook one day, When I get a warning from Google chrome ( using the newest Firefow browser) Saying the page could be potentially harmful to my computer. Being facebook, I exit out immediately, and try to get back on facebook. I get the messagae again. I try go to, and get the same page again. I exited out of my browser, and I get a warning from mcaffee security system (I’m not currently subscribed, but was last year) Saying my pc has been infected. I try to open the security system from my desktop, but I get an error message saying It cannot be opened because the file is infected. This happed with every program I try to open. Until i come to internet explorer, which opens to a blank page, and when i try to ex out, It says it can’t be terminated because the file is infected.

What the heck is going on? I can’t do anything, I can’t use my virus scan to figure out which virus it is, I can’t use the security system to help me get rid of it, I can’t downloads any anti-virus software, I can’t even copy it from a flash drive!

Right now my laptop is all unplugged, turned off, battery is out. What can I do? I really can’t afford to wipe it clean, I have a years worth of really important documents on it. I also has passwords to my bank accounts and whatnot… Am i going to get hacked? Should i get some identity protection? I’m already planning to go to the banck tomorrow morning to stop any transactions with my accounts until further notice. I know i sound like I’m overreacting, but this computer is my life. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

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It appears the Trojan has taken over your laptop. only hope now is to take your laptop to a computer specialist and let him clean it from top to bottom. i would suggest starting all over again with a new anti-virus program, that’s NOT downloaded off the internet. go to WalMart and pay $40 for a Defender Pro 2010 and download to your laptop. then, you will again have control of your laptop and not the Trojan.

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IS there any chance of me getting any of my photos or documents off of it?

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And thanks, btw.

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You will have to take it to a professional to get rid of the virus. Chances are one or more of the error messages you saw were put there by the virus, much like clicking on internet ads invites spyware. A professional should be able to extract your documents from the disc image, but make sure you ask them this before handing over the drive.

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Defender Pro is too low-rated and ineffective for my tastes.

My fave is Avira Free
See here and here for why I like it.

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One more question. Most of the time I use my parent’s Wifi connection, Which is what the computer I am on now is using. Is there any chance of this computer getting infected too?

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Unless you are on an open home network (as in you can transfer files between computers by dragging and dropping in folders) then there is little chance.

Just a tip, on Fluther you can edit answers for up to ten minutes after you post. It might be a good idea to do this instead of posting over and over. Welcome to Fluther!

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OK cool, It’s not an open network.
and thanks. i didn’t know that.

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And Jerv, Thank you, But now i’m getting a error message “bad encrypt dictionary” when i click your links.
I’m usually pretty tech savvie, but today is just killing me. :(

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yea i got a virus on my desktop and it was pretty bad i couldnt do anything really. so what i did was use the safe mode with networking. you can select this from the boot menu thing when you first start your comp. and from there i was able to open my anti virus program so clean the computer. and since then its been great!:) idk if this will fix your virus, but its worth a try and its free!

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unless you have photos and documents that are important to you… the easiest thing to do is insert your windows disc and either reset it to factory settings.

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I really can’t help because i need help myself. I cant open my mail or click on anything since i paid for all this protection it seems like i am protected from myself and there is really mail i need to read but can’t.

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