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How do I fix this defective pixel?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3046points) August 19th, 2010

I have one pixel just under the centre of my screen that appears blue sometimes.

I first only noticed this when the screen was completely black, and I assumed it was there to perhaps show that the screen is still receiving a signal or whatever. But today when playing Fallout I noticed that it appeared again. However as I am typing now it is not there.

Is there any way I can fix this problem myself, or is it something I have to report to Acer for their advice? I really don’t want to have to send the monitor back just for this small problem if I can avoid it.


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You have to get a replacement if it’s under warranty. If it’s not, just deal with it I guess, b/c it will be too expensive to fix.

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If you’ve already tried restarting your computer, then:

See if your comp has a diagnostic program that can diagnose your video card. Sometimes that alone can fix your screen.

If not, then shut down and completely power off your comp, and then reseat your video card.

BTW, how old is your screen?

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@Brian1946 only 2 weeks old and that pixel has been like that for pretty much all the time.

why would reseating my graphics card help?

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Dead pixels are a result of the manufacturing process of LCD panels. There is no way to really repair them. There are some tricks that sometimes work, but not always.

There are also guidelines on how many dead pixels are acceptable, and the number is higher than one.

Remember, there are millions of pixels in your screen (I have over 3.1 million on my 1366×768 laptop screen) so even if only one in 3 million is defective, you’ll see one on your screen. The fact that monitor makers are even capable of making a screen with zero dead pixels at a cost that the average consumer can and will buy them is, to my mind, rather amazing.

And no, reseating your graphics card won’t help.

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You can try massaging the stuck pixel with a soft cloth (I would you a tee shirt) for a few minutes. Sometimes that helps.

And for one stuck one I doubt they will fix it. I think dell has a policy that there has to be two or three within a few inches of each other to even think about a replacement.

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@johnpowell I think it’s 3 in an area the size of a quarter, or 6+ total. Don’t quote me on that though. Still, it is more than one.

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I am curious to why it only seems to appear in games or when the screen is black?

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Check your monitor warranty! LCD screens, depending on size may hav a certain amount of dead pixels without qualifying you for repair or replacement.

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