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Best way to cut plastic?

Asked by fortris (683points) March 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

I just got a skin for my iPhone, but it has no opening for the light sensors (I just looked, and it has two!) how could I cut it so it would be as even and nice looking as possible?

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Exacto Knife would be the best bet, EXTREMELY SHARP, and use something under it, so you don’t cut though =]

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It sound like you got a skin for the iTouch, but if you’re insistent on cutting it I would use an Exacto knife like iceblu said. If it is really hard plastic, then you may consider a drill bit. No matter what, be careful.
If it were me, I would find one that worked “out of the box”.

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Didn’t you ask the same question yesterday…?

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@eambos yes I did, but no one knew what a podzzilla skin was

@bulbatron9 It is for the iPhone (it has a camera hole and earpice hole) but its third party, so apparently they didnt know

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