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What started the iCraze?

Asked by Silence04 (4713points) August 11th, 2010

What started the trend to make product names with an “i” in front of them?
Was it the iMac back in ‘98? And if so, why hasn’t Apple ever protected the tradedress they created?

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I don’t think Apple can trademark putting “i” in front of a word – just the word itself (iPod, iPad, iPhone). Apple started the “i”, and I think they’re the only one’s doing it.

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It was the iMac. I believe the i was intended to stand for “internet” (The idea with the iMac was that the internet was going to be a big deal. That’s why it had no floppy drive—Apple anticipated that files would be transfered internet-wise someday soon.) but with the iPod they moved away from that initial idea.

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This is what the famous ”i” means for those wondering.

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I think Al Gore invented the “i”. ;)

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