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My macbook pro is running slow. How should I fix it? Do you know?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) July 5th, 2012

You like my rhyming? :)

Anywho, my mac is running slower than when I first bought it. I never expected it to stay at those speeds but I would like it to be a bit faster than this. I’ve had it for about two years (give or take a couple months) and I use the hell out of it.

If I wipe out the hard drive, will that help? Or has my computer just degraded too much?

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How full is your hard disk (right click on the Macintosh HD icon on your desktop and click get info—it will list capacity and available)? This is often the source of an older machine slowing down. Your machine uses the disk as extra memory, and when it gets really full, this space isn’t available to it, so your machine ends up constantly paging things in and out of memory.

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How much RAM do you have? About This Mac will tell you how much is installed. Bumping up your RAM is a cheap way to make things faster since it will swap to disk less.

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Assuming it isn’t the above, sometimes just running a repair disc from the disc utility app will do the trick and of course the most obvious of all, restart!

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Open up activity monitor and try to figure out what is going on when it seems slow.

Look for processes that cause the CPU to spike. Also look at the ram pie chart to see how much free ram is available vs active ram and inactive ram. And which programs are Using the most physical ram.

Having a better idea of what is actually happening will help us determine the solution.

Protip: right clicking on the activity monitor in the dock will allow you to change the icon to a memory pie chart, disk usage, or CPU. That way you can quickly see what is happening when ever is gets slow.

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When did you last clear your browser caches, cookies and internet history? That might be a small piece of the problem.

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