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Have you ever felt like something bad would happen?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4851points) August 12th, 2010

Have you ever had the gut feeling something bad would happen? Did something bad happen?

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It may be more “self-fulfilling prophesy” than I realize, but my premonitions are usually accurate. I’m actually fairly crippled by a couple. I’m trying to find ways to ignore them.

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Every god damned day of my life. And yes, bad things happen.

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Have you ever had the gut feeling that something good would happen? Did something good happen?

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I have, yes. Pretty sure most people have. And yeah, sometimes my fears have come true.

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I have. Sometimes they do. @MissA I’ve had that feeling too & yes, it did :)

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You mean like when you’re feeling really low, and a little bluebird lands on your shoulder and says, “Cheer up, things could be worse” ... and sure enough, things get worse?

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Wife and i travel quite a bit on the interstate system. during many of our trips, my wife will look at me and tell me “to slow down, i feel danger”. she is about 85% of the time correct. approaching a downhill curve, my wife made this statement and she was again correct. out of our sight, at the bottom of the hill, a tractor-trailer had just turned over. its amazing how this lady knows these things. i never doubt her danger warnings.

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I used to firmly believe when I had a bad feeling, something bad would happen. Eventually I realized there was no connection. Since then, I’ve ignored bad feelings and felt liberated and free. Can’t beat that.

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Yes. And it did.

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