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Will you tell us something embarrassing happening to you today?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (19931points) February 20th, 2015

Anything that makes you feel awkward and makes your face turn red. Either it provides everyone a good laugh or a frown face. Like a slip in the tougue or a sudden forgetfulness.

I’ll start first: I just did. We are having some relatives coming to my home. I retreat to my room because generally don’t like them and I know no one will welcome me to join the conversation. I was sitting in my room minding my thing when my brother came and informed me that my cousin was messing with my family’s computer. He is a naughty boy and I was afraid he would screw up with our data, so I rushed down to the computer. I completely forgot to greet my relatives! Only when my parents shouted at me for this impoliteness that I remembered what to do. Now I feel like such a fool!

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Nothing eventful, just another day.

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I almost crapped myself waiting for a taxi.

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I had 2 asses yell at me today, but really they were just mad that I didn’t bring them donkey treats.
@Mimishu1995 You are too nice to be impolite, your parents just need to know you forgot to greet the relatives because you were preoccupied. :-)

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I very rarely get embarrassed. I can’t recall anything today that would qualify.

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Only mildly embarrassing, and I wouldn’t even have mentioned it except you asked, the question was right here, and this did happen today …

I was walking through the hallway at work, and as I walked past the women’s room, a female colleague stepped out and into the hallway. It was a near-miss incident. The embarrassing thing was that I didn’t stop (in front of the women’s room with the door open … seemed inappropriate) and I didn’t even slow to say “excuse me” or “hello” or “we’ve got to stop meeting like this”, because again it would have seemed inappropriate to turn towards that open door and have even the least little bit of conversation. So I basically ignored her and walked on, which immediately seemed stupid and rude.

But at least I know what I’ll say next time: “I heard this was a great place to meet women.” Or: “So, you come here often?” Maybe: “What’s a girl like you doing in a nice place like this?” Or maybe none of those, but something other than pretending she’s not even there. Boy, did that feel stupid.

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I was looking at my list of things to do today, and one of them said “Buy Cock.” I was sitting there perplexed about what I had written. What was I thinking? Did someone else write that to be funny? Couldn’t be—it was my handwriting. After a few seconds, I realized it was supposed to say “Buy Lock”, and the “L” had been curvy at the end.

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Quite specific asking about today, so no, nowt.

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Aw, went for a stress test and some other tests, and had to take off my bra and shirt, like 3 times. It was embarrassing, although I know the staff has seen it all a thousand times and didn’t think twice.

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Well I just woke up so…embarrassing enough I suppose, as it’s one pm in the afternoon.

But eh, poor Mimishu. I agree with Coloma, you’re too nice to be intentionally impolite. :(

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Got blackout drunk for the first time in a long time. I forgot to eat. It’s so strange how that happens, I literally don’t remember a 3–4 hour time span and I woke up in my car lol. My friends took care of me though.

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Ok it’s been really hot, we were at our beach house and a bunch of people came over, all sitting gabbing and drinking on the verandah, I was in the kitchen and let a fart I’d been needing to let go, it was super loud and I think everybody heard it. I hung in the kitchen for a few minutes then went out.

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