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What do you say to someone who has been a hero of yours for years and you finally get to meet him?

Asked by Rarebear (25159points) August 12th, 2010

This Saturday I get to meet James Randi (for those of you who know me and know who he is, you’ll know why it’s a big deal to me). It’s an informal meet and greet. I normally am not at a loss for words, but I’m afraid I’m going to be reduced to blathering nonsense like, “You’ve been a hero of mine for years…”

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I interviewed Carl Sagan for a local newspaper, while he was in town for an event. I was a journalism undergrad at the time, and a radio host.

I was star struck, and though I did the interview (and asked for an autograph) it probably really sucked and never got published. I didn’t even bother to ask the editor – I knew I had written a crappy piece. I still write crap.

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I would like to meet Sam Harris. I would ask him what determined his passion for his career choice, what his future plans are, what he does in his spare time etc.

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@Blackberry Agree with you on Sam Harris. I’m a fan of his too, but I wouldn’t say he’s one of my heroes like Randi is.

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@Rarebear Sadly I have not heard of him until now, I just read a little bit about him; he is awe-inspiring : )

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I got to meet Neil Gaiman a few years ago. I have never been speechless when meeting a famous person; I mean, before I was able to nervously combine sentences together. But when I met him, I just couldn’t speak, at least it took me a while.

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@amazingme He’s one of my others. GA and +2 for Fluther.

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I met Geoffrey Rush about a month ago. He’s not really my hero, but an actor I very much respect. We had a nice conversation over a cigarette. Apparently he feel’s that Dr. Strangelove was Stanley Kubricks worse film. I disagreed. We also discussed this Sesame Street clip. I was a little star struck but I kept my composure.

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@Rarebear Thanks!
I met him at the National Book Fair when The Graveyard Book came out. He signed and personalized for me, along with his other works I brought along. He had the longest line out of any author and was signing even when the Fair workers were taking the tent down from around him and all the other authors were done.

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@amazingme I’ve read interviews with him that show that he’s an incredibly kind and patient guy. I prefer his graphic novel stuff over his novels, but the novels are good too.

By the way, I love the cello. I’m listening to the Bach Cello Suites as I type this before bed.

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@Rarebear I love his graphic novels too!! The Sandman always blows my mind when I read it. I was never really into graphic novels before I started reading his. He really is a patient guy and nice guy.
Really? I love Bach. I’ve been playing for like 8 years now.

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I have a whole slew of cello music that I have on my ipod that I’ll dig up and list for you. I have the Pierre Fournier version of them, although I hear the Yo Yo Ma version is also really good. Next year I’m going to see the second half of them performed live.

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The Yo Yo Ma versions are great but I feel Rostropovich’s is really good too.

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Oh my god it’s really really really you!!! Be still my beating heart, can I touch you…...I mean oh sorry j..j.j..just on your hand is all I meant. Ooooooohhhhhh wait until I tell Mom she’ll be like sooooo jealous.What’s that? You get this all the time? Oh your just saying that you little tease.I’m sorry that is so rude of me….would you like a twinky? I brought a bucket full. You’re leaving? B..B.B.But we only just met!!!! Hey that’s okay you run along now, see ya, wish I coulda been ya!! Well I think that went well, now let’s go meet his wife…....oh Minnie!!! ;¬}

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In my advertising work, I got to meet a number of my movie heroes over the years, mostly in casting calls. I’ve also been fortunate to be at events and places where I ran into famous people. For example, I lived in a condo in Phoenix where then-President Reagan’s mother-in-law lived, and one Mother’s Day he arrived with Nancy and about 1,000 cops to visit her. I got a few minutes to chat with him, and even though I wasn’t a political fan, it was a thrill to meet “the leader of the free world.” When I meet somebody like that, I just stick out my hand and introduce myself. Usually, the person is friendly. Tony Bennett was the exception to that, but it was my fault; I had interrupted him as he was preparing to go on stage.

The only idol I’ve ever frozen up in front of was Orson Welles. I was working in a recording studio in L.A. when he stuck his head in the door and asked my engineer a question. When I heard his amazing voice, I spun around in my chair and just stared. He got his answer and lumbered off. To this day I kick myself not following him and saying hello.

Maybe my favorite meetings happened in a Dallas C&W bar in the ‘70s, where I met Buddy Holly’s widow (Elena), a regular. We shared and beer and danced! Talk about your six degrees of separation. There I was two-steppin’ with the woman who had been married to the man whom the Beatles and many other R&R singers credited as a major inspiration, not to mention the subject of several of Buddy’s most famous songs!

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@amazingme I really like Rostropovich, and have several things by him. He has a schlurpy style that I love.

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