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Calling all bike experts! is this a good bike?

Asked by the_state_of_wisconsin (351points) August 12th, 2010

i recently bought a bike off craigs list…
it is a Kent, single speed road bike. it has/is…
-vitesse alloy rims
-vitesse seat
-new condition
-new tires/tubes
-rides smooth (true wheels)
it is also themed after (no joke) UV Vdoka…(it was won in a liqour store drawing…)

it was listed at $200, but i bought it for 130…i brought it in for a checkup at Erik’s bike shop, and they said it was in perfect working order…
My question is…was this a good deal? do you know anything about vitesse (wheels or seats)? was i ripped off? what would you value this bike at (for resale)?


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How does it ride?

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rides great, i have taken it out a few times…very smooth, wheels are true.

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@the_state_of_wisconsin The I would say it’s a great deal.

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If you like it and it rides well, it’s a good bike. Now take care of it (Erik’s can help you there) and have fun.

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Of what material is the frame?

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@cockswain I’m fairly sure its aluminum…it’s pretty light compared to an old steel frame of similar size that my dad has.

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Still a reasonable deal. Not a badass deal.

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i currently ride a bike with a steel frame, and let me just say that for 130 bucks the fact that it is not steel is enough for me to think its a good deal. everyone i know who owns a lighter bike has paid at least 400 dollars for it. thats not to say they dont come cheaper if you buy them used, but still, thats a lot of money. i think you got a good deal.

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