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What monster would you be?

Asked by DarkLightWolfBoy11 (49points) August 13th, 2010

I just want to know what kind of monster would you be if you could be one. It could be a vampire, a werewolf, a zombie, or anything else that pops in your mind. Also, tell me why would you wanna be that monster. If it was me, I would be a werewolf because i love wolves, the moon, and nature.

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Team Edward Bee-yotch…...I read the Anne rice series when I was growing up so that is what I liked the most. Vampires would be the perfect killing machines, even better than Ninjas.

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I have a definite affinity with werewolves, but if I got to pick, I’d be a griffin.

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A vampire. Not a twilight vampire, but a really old True Blood vampire. And I want to be well trained and 25 when i get turned.

mrentropy's avatar

A were-giraffe.
Because I would stick my neck out for danger.

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A Politician.

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The Frankenstein monster played by Peter Boyle in “Young Frankenstein” (pronounced fronken-steen.)

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I’d be The Blob!

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I’d be a poltergeist. So much fun, you get to dispose of people and never get caught :P. Unless those pesky ghostbusters show up, then I’m in trouble.
@bondesjon & @doctor_d Aren’t your answers one and the same? :P

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A vampire. but one of the badass, classical emo vampires like Dracula, not today’s wuss material. Also, I would commend legions of zombies.

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I’d be a witch, but a good witch! lol

I could fly, cast spells on people to teach them lessons, have anything I wanted provided instantly. Oh, but wait…would I melt if I went in my hot tub…never mind. lol

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I’d totally be a vampire.

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Abominable snowman.

I could totally be a loner in the snow covered mountains.

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Captain Hans Gunsche from the series Hellsing, he’s a werewolf.

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Godzilla, or should I say, G O R D Z E E L U H?!?!?!?!

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@ZEPHYRA That reminds me—Gamera might be fun.

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the Invisible Man.

gailcalled's avatar

Unless @cprevite has dibs, I’d choose The Cookie Monster.

MacBean's avatar

@filmfann But he was a douchebag, and totally insane…

filmfann's avatar

@MacBean don’t knock insanity. It can be quite freeing.

MacBean's avatar

@filmfann But the Invisible Man was so meeeeean. :(

gondwanalon's avatar

A Chinese dragon. I’m big and bad looking but intend no harm and bring good fortune.

Vunessuh's avatar

A zombie or Samara because crawling out of televisions and killing people seems so badass.

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@Vunessuh Oh man, that was the coolest thing I heard today. Crawling out TV’s and traumatizing people; I’m there.

Coloma's avatar


I was going to watch a dvd about a serial killer tonight, but…now that you have put those thoughts in my head…maybe I’ll just fluther some more. lol

Vunessuh's avatar

@Coloma Just watch it! ;)
@Symbeline I’m watching Frontiers now. :)

Berserker's avatar

@Coloma Do it do it do it! The movie, not Fluther. A nice slurpee will make it all good. :D
@Vunessuh Yea-hea-heaAAAAH! I hope you like it. :) It takes a while to start off…but don’t shit in your gitch when it does. :)

Vunessuh's avatar

@Symbeline Lmao. I won’t shit in my glitch. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week.
Oh, and I’m watching it while eating Pizza Bagel Bites, might I add. XD

Berserker's avatar

@Vunessuh When I saw it the first time, I had pizza…then about three quarters into the film I was hit with badass diarrhea, and had to pause the film like three times cuz I kept having to go.

Not that anyone needed to know that. Enjoy the movie! :D

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I am going to watch ‘Taking Lives’ that flick woith Angelina Jolie tracking a serial killer.

She sucks but my daughter said it’s good. And yes, I have an Oreo shake on standby for you little ‘ringers if you jump outta my screen’

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@Coloma Taking Lives was aiiight. Angelina is nekkid so that’s good enough for me. :D

Berserker's avatar

Lmao. Coloma I’m coming out of your TV to gank your Oreo thing! ’‘Nabs’’ :D

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Step away from my shake missy! lol ;-)

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I want to be that black cat that strikes terror in the hearts of anyone that sees me sitting on the window sill! All I have to go is hiss and growl….... and someone picks me up and feeds me!!

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I changed my mind. I’d rather be a one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater.

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I think I would be sully from monster inc haha. I wouls be sully because sully loves boo and so do i because she is cute and cuddly :) HAHA

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I would be the lochness monster :)

ucme's avatar

Penisaurus from Flesh Gordon. Now that’s hard to beat, although there is some stiff competition I see.

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@Mom2BDec2010 That was my other choice, but I stuck with the abominable. Nessie would be fun.

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A giant space amoeba.

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I want to be Big Foot. Mysterous…. Have my own website and little following. Oh! the games I would play..

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@Frenchfry Yeah that’s all tickety boo, but imagine the fuss trying to find a glam pair of Jimmy Choo’s, nightmare ;¬}

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