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Funny military phrases?

Asked by anartist (14781points) August 13th, 2010

Like “field-strip your butts” or “Rear Admiral Lower Half” which replaced “Commodore” for some inexplicable reason.

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What is your major malfunction?!

I got nuthin’.

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I like the description for an explosion, which is “energetic discombination”.

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A Sargeant a long time ago once had this to say during a lesson:

Sarge – “When performing a fire exit drill, you will move down these stairs in safe haste.” <pause> “I shall call this movement ‘Saste.’ You will move with great Saste down these stairs.”

Best training lesson ever. Couldn’t believe he was able to say it with straight face, ‘cause we were all killing ourselves laughing.
Also, FUBAR. Nothing can replace the might FUBAR.

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The silliest of all…Military Intelligence!

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There is nothing funny about military phrases.If you were ever in the military no one would “ever“consider one “silly”!Maybe for instance Fubar is very funny however,this is one instsnce.Others mean something.For para/military who put their lives on the line every day so that we civilians can mock them as was in the “Vietnam era” whererin the boys who are now men returned to be spit on and called “baby-killers”! Can now go through TSS,and Government tries to hide this fact.War is not fun and if you have never had people trying to kill you,you would never wish it on anyone.

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@deadhead, you are right. Message received loud and clear. Apologies for offending.

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FIGMO – Fuck it, got my orders.

Collateral Damage – Miss the target, kill a bunch of civilians.

BOHICA – Bend over, here it comes again.

WETSU – We eat this shit up.

MRE – Meal rejected by Ethiopians.

Crispy Critters – What’s left after a napalm attack.

REMFs – Rear echelon motherf*ckers. (Clerks and jerks, in the rear with the gear)

“Needs his headspace and timing checked” – might not be “all there”.

“Pucker Factor” – The direct relationship of situational danger to tightness of the anal sphincter muscle.

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This isn’t related, but I remember a humorist making jokes about military terms and all things related, like how shell shock was discovered in the thirties, but in order to make it less offensive and more professional, it eventually became post traumatic stress disorder in between a whole bunch of other terms. :/

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My friend Ken likes to refer to his time in the military working in the Department of Redundency Department.

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@filmfann This guy who was stationed in Iraq once told me that war may be summed up this way; 98% boredom, and 2% sheer terror. Dun kwote meh tho.

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@filmfann actually that applies to every agency in the US government
@Symbelline I have heard that too

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FUGAZI: fucked up, got ambushed, zipped in.

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@Symbeline – Hey! I love your new Edward Scissorhands avatar :-)

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Cluster Fuck!

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